Selecting the Right Natural Stone Countertops

Natural Stone Walnut Travertine Countertop

Choosing the Right Natural Stone Countertops


There is a beauty and individuality about natural stone which stands out in a world of man-made products and materials. As no two stone slabs are the same, no kitchen or bathroom countertops will be exactly alike. So, if you value uniqueness and the beauty and diversity of nature, natural stone countertops are for you. Depending on your exact situation and requirements, certain types of stone may be more suited than others to your projects. Below are some of the most popular natural stones for kitchen and bathroom countertops:



Marble is the benchmark of beauty when it comes to natural stone. It’s stunning ‘veining makes it desirable for many residential and commercial uses including kitchen and bathroom benchtops. Given its porosity, its important to follow professional sealing and maintenance recommendations when it comes to marble, especially for areas like kitchen countertops which will see a lot of use.



Granite is arguably the most popular countertop stone, especially in kitchens. Many opt for granite countertops due to its durability, strength and beautiful finish. Pure granite has a beautiful grain structure with contrasting dark and light colours which become even more enhanced when a finish is applied. Granite countertops are typically in earth tones such as tan, grey, taupe, blue-grey, brown, yellow-gold and off-white.



Aesthetically many are drawn to limestone for their countertops due to its rustic old-world look along with its neutral colour palette. Like marble, limestone is a less robust than harder stones like granite and needs more careful treatment and maintenance. Depending on the hardship you expect your kitchen countertop to endure, limestone may be better suited to a bathroom countertop than to your kitchen.



An often overlooked natural stone is onyx, however this striking and rare stone will add a real wow factor to your home or business. Its beautiful tones will brighten an entire room and draw admiring glances and comments from everyone who sees it! Onyx is a quite delicate stone however, it is typically a better option for decorative or low-use countertops rather than in a busy kitchen. Like any soft and porous stone, strict sealing and maintenance processes must be in place with onyx.


Above are some ideas about different types of natural stone to use as countertops in bathrooms or kitchens for your commercial or residential project. For a friendly chat about your own requirements with a natural stone professional, give Euro Marble a call or drop into our Sydney showroom today. We’ll be happy to give you expert and honest advice on all topics related to natural stone!