our stone – Travertine & Limestone

Limestone is formed by sediments deposited on the beds of seas or rivers that settle into layers. This popular stone is available in a wide variety of colours including white, cream, yellow, brown, red, and grey. In general, a limestone with minimal impurities is also uniform in colour and texture. As with marble, limestone can be finished using a variety of techniques, including polishing, honing, acid etching and sand-blasting.

recent projects

We have worked on some great projects involving
marble, granite, onyx and other natural stones for both residential and commercial purposes. We are regularly updating our projects to feature our local work all over Sydney. If you have a project you'd like us to quote for, please get in contact with us. The Euro Marble team are always on hand to give their expert advice and advise on the best type of marble or natural stone for the project.