Azul Macaubas


Azul Macaubas showcases a most captivating façade reminiscent of electric skies interrupted by wavy ripples of clouds. Azure, cobalt and sky blue fuse together with splashes of snow and frosty white to create this spectacular blue granite stone.

Incorporate this marvelous natural stone into your home with a seamless sea of blue granite flooring, complemented by a grand granite feature wall. Continue the glamour through to your kitchen with stylish granite countertops, a granite splashback and a stately granite kitchen island.

The exotic nature of blue granite makes it perfect for dressing focal points like an elaborate set of granite stairs to welcome your guests and ready them for the epitome of luxury that lies within.


Dimensions: Due to each stone carrying its own individualistic exclusiveness, size will vary upon availability.

Material: Quartzite

Thickness: 2cm

Slabs Available: Yes

Finish: Honed/Polished/Brushed/Sand Blasted/Bush Hammered


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