Vaucluse Residence III

From the moment you set foot in the Vaucluse Residence, it is crystal clear that you’ve stepped into pure opulence. Calacatta Oro Marble features in almost every room, showing off its dramatic honey coloured veining that is perfectly showcased on the soft milky-white backdrop.

The impressive foyer sets the scene, its walls and floor elegantly clad in Calacatta marble. This elegance continues through to the wine cellar, creating a mesmerising continuance of sheer luxury. The kitchen is any chef’s dream, boasting full marble flooring, as well as a grand kitchen island.

A marble covered staircase invites you upstairs to explore the luxuriously illuminated bathrooms. Almost entirely dressed in exquisite Calacatta Marble, the bathrooms exude an air of unspoken prestige with not just marble vanities, but fully cladded marble walls and marble flooring.

Calacatta Marble is a prime choice when adding a touch of class to any space imaginable. Browse our website to find the natural stone best suited in transforming your own home!