Take Your Home From Bland To Glam

The minimal pairing of black and white is enduring and timeless, bringing with it a sense of sophistication and refined elegance. Paired with stunning marble, metallic highlights, interesting décor pieces, luscious fabrics, and feature colours, your home will easily go from bland to glam with these helpful tips.

Vaucluse Residence II by Euro Marble


Neutral palettes are best complimented by pops of highlight colours. The greatest part is you can change your feature colour whenever you like, without having to completely redecorate.

The Shoreline by Express Living Homes

You need to ensure you’ve got that contrast going on; your wall painting should be white (or black, if that’s your style) to ensure those bold colours really pop. The best way to glam it up is to use beautiful jewel tones – but what’s a jewel tone? Think emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz – deep, rich colours that add distinction and a bit of class to your interior palette. Pair these colours with some metallics, and you’ll be living in a beautiful jewellery box before you know it. Check out the gorgeous teal couch in Express Living Homes’ Shoreline Display in Scarborough.


You know what pairs gorgeously with jewel tones? Metallic highlights. All things shimmery are at the heart of glam interior styling. 

Source: Express Living Homes

Bring a little drama and elegance to your home with metallic features. Keep the rest of the room matte and neutral, and you can combine gold, copper, and silver however you like, so long as the pieces are simple. If you’re more into dramatic ornate pieces, stick to just one metallic colour. Lighting fixtures are the best way to introduce your metals, but don’t feel limited! Vases, frames, even furniture – the opportunities are endless. We’re a big fan of the Stunning metallic coffee table at The Hendrix display by Express Living Homes pictured above.


The fabrics you choose can really make or break a room; burlap and cotton are unlikely to really set the mood, so try to glam it up with unique patterns and textures.

Check out the lush faux fur throw pillow at Express Living Homes’ Palm Springs

If you’ve got your neutral palette and your metallic accents sorted, you’re going to want to bring a little texture to your room with luxurious fabrics! Faux fur, shag, velvet, or satin – anything you want to touch, is what you need to glamourise any room! Whether you’ve got satin sheets, shag carpet, or you pair a faux fur cushion with a velvet bed frame like our friends at Express Living Homes in their Palm Springs display, fabric is everything!


Marble will add some class, style and a certain dose of sophistication to your home interior, while also creating an eye-catching visual, which ensures timeless and classic beauty.

Pymble Residence by Euro Marble

There’s no two ways about it; marble is the ultimate in glam.  As marble is rich in calcium, the gorgeous veining will continue to subtly change over time, adding to its character and the sophistication of any room. Don’t limit yourself to just benchtops; marble is incredibly versatile and can be used for fireplace surrounds, splashbacks, floor tiling, wall panels, and staircases – there is no end to how you can use marble to glam up your home – let us help you.

Is glam your ultimate style?
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