Top Kitchen & Bathroom Design Trends To Look For In 2019

If you are in the market for updating your existing kitchen or bathroom, or you are designing them for a new home, you will be keen to know what the top design trends are for 2019. A unifying feature of both kitchen and bathroom designs in 2019 will be a focus on hard lines and geometric features. A minimalist Scandinavian approach with the use of broad surfaces and a blend of natural materials such as stone, wood and metal is key.

Straight edges are in vogue:
From leading kitchen designers you will see a move away from any curved or soft lines. There are straight edges to everything and the lines are dramatic in their simplicity, without embellishment. Large and chunky lines and contrasts between intersecting surfaces are emphasised through the use of different textures, materials and colours.

The only place where we see a divergence from this straight edge frenzy is with tapware which is universally bold, large and curved. This curve is a nice counterpoint to the geometric layout of benchtops, sinks, cabinetry and tiles.

Bold Colours
Unlike the mid 2010s where it seemed that neutral tones of beige or pewter abounded, the 2019 Kitchen and Bathroom aesthetic favours the use of bold earthy colours such as green and blue. The hues of these colours are dense so veer away from the pastels. Having a feature wall or cabinet doors in a dramatic colour is then offset with blocks of contrasting colours. A new play with colour can be seen where a few doors will be in the dark tone, with interspersed stark white as a contrast. This also translates to the splashback which will be in a bold colour.

Stone surfaces are making a big comeback this year with the perennial favourite of genuine marble, which is popular amongst those who can afford it. The feel of marble and natural stone is in keeping with a return to substance and function as marble is difficult to damage and feels sensuous to touch. For those on more restricted budgets there are many stone benchtops that also look and feel amazing.

The popularity of TV cooking shows appears to be taking off in the home and this is reflected with the use of industrial features and steel supports for cooking implements. A 2019 kitchen takes on the pragmatism of a commercial kitchen with wide straight surfaces to work on, chunky fittings and large open shelving. These are most likely used in urban dwellings.

Organic inspired bathrooms
Contrary to kitchens which are quite angular this year, bathroom design is leaning towards the soft lines of nature. “Bringing the outdoors inside” is a key theme in bathrooms in 2019. Some examples of this is the trend towards really large rain shower heads that allow for large drops of water that mimic falling rain. Another winner is having skylights installed to flood the bathroom in diffuse light.

Round ceramic basins that sit above the vanity unit in pastel colours look stunning against a dark feature wall. Like the case in the kitchen, dark and chunky tapware is eye-catching and a great contrast with the pastel basins and baths. The only colour for a bath is white this season.

Bringing the outdoors inside means having some hanging planters and pot plants against the edge of the bathtub, and even having some tasteful nature-based wall-paper as a feature wall.

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