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Bringing your ideas to life is what we do best – always creating visually striking effects, without compromising functionality or quality of form.


Stone on glass

In the past, only a few stones like Onyx could adequately transmit light through the means of natural or artificial lighting to create a striking visual effect. When milled to only a few millimeters and laminated to a rigid clear backing like glass, most marbles, granites and limestones become magnificently translucent materials, making your palette of translucent stones now endless.
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Stone on Aluminium

Similar to our stone on glass product, stone on aluminium is an offering that consists of the stone being carefully attached to a sub-structure; with this product’s sub-structure comprising aluminium honeycomb board. This introduces lightweight veneer panels of marble, granite and limestone.
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Solid Stonework

Euro Marble has the cutting-edge technology and expertise to process solid stone to any product specification.
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Marble is nature's gift to capture...


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