white onyx fireplace wall

Fireplace Decor Ideas for All Seasons

Having a fireplace in your home was mostly functional once upon a time, but they remain a unique way to provide warmth and infuse character into a house. A fireplace
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Ariston marble reception desk cladding 1024x684 1

Marble Decor Ideas to Get the Luxe Look

It’s no surprise that when one thinks marble the next thought is luxury. Marble is one of the most popular natural stone materials for use in interior and exterior design
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Limestone Walls

Limestone Uses in Interior Design

The numerous limestone uses in interior design are many and varied. If you love the subtle earthy colours of this stunning natural stone there are plenty of ways in which
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limestone flooring

Limestone vs Travertine Flooring: The pros and cons

Limestone vs travertine Limestone and travertine are both popular types of natural stone. Each stone makes for popular choices in material for the use in construction, home design and renovation.
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statuario marble kitchen benchtop and cooktop

Top 7 Natural Stone Tiles for Minimalist Kitchens

Minimalist kitchens are extraordinarily popular in modern-style homes. From the inherent simplicity in the design to the ease with which you can create a luxurious feel, there’s a lot to
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Crema Marfil Flooring

Light Marble Flooring Ideas for Your Home

Marble is amongst the most popular choices of natural stone for flooring in homes. The elegant sophistication of this stunning material has been and will continue to remain in style
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pietra grey vanity and splashback

How to use jet black granite in your commercial project for a WOW factor

Using jet black granite in your commercial project may just be the wow factor you’re looking for. Granite and other natural stones come in a variety of different colours but
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Home renovations: How to choose the right materials for the Australian Climate

There’s a lot to take into account when choosing materials for your house renovations. Of course you want the aesthetic to suit your style, taste and the design of the
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Granite Kitchen

Expert design tips: How to pair marble with wood and metal

Builders, interior designers, home owners and architects have loved using marble for generations. This natural stone is famous for its luxurious aesthetic and its practical durability. From its cool, cold
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White Granite Kitchen

Why Super White Quartzite is a Designer’s Dream

Fantastical Super White Quartzite Whether you’re an interior designer by trade or hobby, there’s no doubt that the more you discover about super white quartzite the more you’re bound to
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White Onyx Fireplace Wall 1 1

Grey stone is the perfect choice for an on point interior fashion statement.

Grey Natural Stone Is On Trend This Winter For many years grey stone has been a popular choice for use in homes around the world and in Australia. This winter,
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Travertine Pavers 1 400x400 1

Surround your pool and entertaining area with natural stone for a timeless home design.

A backyard is almost never just a backyard. Whether you have a pool or a simple entertaining area, you’ll want to incorporate a timeless home design that won’t look good
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Super White Kitchen

Everything you need to know about Super White Dolomite – the stylish alternative to marble.

An Introduction to Dolomite Dolomite, also called ‘dolostone’ or ‘dolomite rock’ to distinguish it from the mineral, is a sedimentary rock. Found primarily in sedimentary basins it forms in much
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Granite Kitchen

10 ways to keep white granite clean and in showroom condition for the lifetime of your kitchen

White granite is a fantastic addition for any home. While this granular-patterned, naturally-occurring stone comes in many colours, there’s something about the white granite that simply takes our breath away.
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Lapis Blue Kitchen Benchtop

Where do stone wholesalers source their stone?

Have you ever wondered where a natural stone wholesaler sources their products from? If natural stone is so natural, where does it come from? How does it get to us
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carrara gioia flamed granite kitchen splashback 2

Discover how important edge profiles are when designing stone counter-tops

Many consumers now want natural stone countertops. What some people don’t know is that every stone countertop design has a stone edge profile. The stone profile is beneficial for you
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Travertine Staircase

Everything You Need To Know About Travertine

Travertine might not be as well-known as Granite or Marble, but it is definitely just as elegant and versatile. What is Travertine? Travertine is a type of Limestone, formed by
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Point Piper Residence Verde Van Gogh kitchen island

How To Repair Stone Benchtops

Having a stone benchtop in your kitchen is simply wonderful. From the beauty of natural or engineered stone to the hardiness and durability of the material, nothing can stand up
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Untitled 5 9

The Surprising Benefits of Marble Bathtubs

Natural stone is a very popular choice of material for a range of applications in home design and construction. Quartz, limestone, granite, and onyx are just a few of the
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5 Benefits of Marble Stairs

Marble has been used in interior construction and design for a long time. From kitchen benchtops and splashbacks to flooring and feature walls, the versatility of marble has only added
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Marble is nature's gift to capture...