4 common myths about natural stone

The striking beauty of natural stone is undeniable, especially stone like marble and granite. However, there is as much misinformation floating around about natural stone as there is accurate information, especially on the internet! Part of our vision here at Euro Marble is to educate Australians about the wonders of natural stone as a building material, so we’ve written this article to expose some of the most common myths about marble, granite and other types of natural stone: 
Myth 1: Natural Stone Is Extremely Difficult to Maintain Natural stone is actually a very durable material and once proper precautions are taken, it’s not that difficult to maintain at all. It’s important to properly seal the natural stone prior to its first use and at recommended intervals after that, the frequency of which depends on the type of stone and the area where it is being used. Aside from that, apply common sense and wipe up spills quickly, use coasters etc and your natural stone will be surprisingly low-maintenance!
Myth 2: Marble Should Never Be Used for Kitchen Benchtops This is a very common misconception about natural stone. Like any surface, it needs to be looked after and cleaned regularly to stay in peak condition, however, on the contrary, it is actually the perfect choice for baking. Its cool, hard surface makes it the ideal surface for rolling dough and for this reason many busy bakeries won’t have any other material in their kitchens! Marble can etch however if it comes in contact with acidic substances such as citrus or alcohol, so ensure spills are wiped promptly and thoroughly.
Myth 3: Natural Stone Will Go Out of Style This couldn’t be further from the truth. Natural stone has literally been used for thousands of years in residential and commercial construction, including some of the wonders of the ancient world. If anything, it’s one of the safest options when it comes to timelessness as far as building materials are concerned. The elegance and striking beauty of natural stone have bypassed design trends for centuries and will continue to do so.
Myth 4: Natural Stone is Too Expensive Another hugely inaccurate piece of information floating around about natural stone is that it’s only suitable for projects with huge budgets. This couldn’t be further from the truth and while certain types of rare stone do come with a significant price tag, there are a vast array of options to suit far more modest budgets. Add to this the extensive list of advantages of natural stone compared to man-made materials, and it becomes a fantastic and cost-effective option. Here at Euro Marble, we’re one of the pioneers of Natural Stone, including Italian Marble, here in Australia. We’ll be more than happy to debunk some other common myths for you when you drop by our Sydney showroom, and happy to offer advice about the best natural stone for your particular budget and project!

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