Granite is one of the most common building materials. Thanks to different minerals found in it, granite can appear in multiple colours, including grey, pink or white. This makes it even easier to incorporate into buildings, complementing their overall design.

Ancient cultures started using granite for building magnificent structures. Menkaure’s Pyramid, for instance, was constructed of granite blocks. But we can also see granite being used for the construction of columns, jambs, wall and floor veneer, as well as door lintels.


More About Granite

Granite is one of the naturally occurring hard rocks. Its structure is granular and crystalline. Granite usually contains other minerals, such as feldspar, mica and quartz. Its grains are easy to spot, giving it a very attractive look, especially when used in homes or business buildings.

Granite has plenty of uses. It is one of the few stones that is used across the word in architecture. As a durable and hard material, granite can withstand a lot of pressure and resist the elements and abrasion. Most importantly, it can be polished to look even more magnificent.


Granite Applications

Today, granite is often used to enhance the appearance of an office building and home interiors. You can often see it used for:

  • Kitchen benchtops – granite benchtops are very popular solutions found in modern kitchen designs. Thanks to its durability and resistance, it can sit in the kitchen for many years. The colour variations allow it to be incorporated with different wood types.
  • Bathroom vanity basins – another common use case of granite is found in modern bathrooms. Vanity basins constructed of granite are a perfect and beautiful addition for any bathroom. Its elegance, durability and lasting quality make it very popular.


Granite Products

Our Euro Marble offer includes the following granite products: