When decorating your home, two things matter most: making a good first impression and having quality work done that will last and look amazing for a long time. With onyx marble natural stone, this is exactly what you can achieve! Even though onyx has been used as a decorative material for many centuries, its use has dropped.

However, in the last couple of years, onyx has made a huge comeback as both interior designers and architects have rediscovered the amazing effects this material has both in terms of style and quality. Onyx has been used for carvings, architectural accents and jewellery for centuries, and its vibrant and rich colours make it very popular.

If you want your home to take everyone’s breath away when they enter, then onyx marble stone is the right way to go.

Characteristics of onyx marble

Onyx marble stone has many uses. The most common ones are around the fireplace, creating an island within homes to transmit light, bar tops, jewellery, building materials, or cabochons. When it comes to onyx marble applications in a residential area, it’s important to consider the pre-existing setting and your lifestyle.

Some other home uses include tables, sinks bases, light floors and wall cladding. Onyx stone can also be used for accessories such as bowls, lamps, goblets, urns, vases, and so on. The stone can be accented when placed under a light source to highlight its transparency.


Types of onyx marble

White onyx marble

As the name implies, this marble is dominantly white. Its colour is naturally white with golden and gray veins. This onyx marble stone is very popular in residential and commercial interiors for countertops and flooring. There are also many variations of this type depending on the vein shape and colour, as they can be different.

Black onyx marble

The black marble is simply gorgeous with its natural colour. It gives an elemental and abstract feel to any kind of project. It’s base and dominant colour is black with waves of crystal white going through the background. It has one of the most exclusive looks and comes in crosscut variations. It’s often used for sink bases, fireplaces, bar tops, wall claddings, etc.

Orange/yellow onyx marble

Orange or yellow onyx marble has a unique colour, which combines orange, yellow, honey, and golden colours in amazing textures. Due to its texture, orange marble is ideal fpr creating unique designs. Its surface is very adaptable and flexible, making it ideal for cladding, flooring, and kitchen worktops. This is one of the luxurious options and it’s very eye-catching. There are cross cut and vein cut options.

Red onyx marble

These types of marbles are highly polished with combinations of red, cream, gold and white colours. Its surface is premium quality and has unique combinations. This is why red onyx marble is used for interior applications, such as countertops, walls, flooring, and so on.

Blue onyx marble

This blue variation gives you that naturally royal look, which is ideal for office and home solutions. Blue onyx marble is a variation of mineral silicate chalcedony and has an appealing colour and texture. It has an exotic variation and can be used both internally and externally for projects such as bathrooms, countertops, kitchens, swimming pools, and so on.

Brown onyx marble

This is one of the most visually appealing types of onyx marble and one of the most popular ones as well. Its pattern is eye-catching and crystal clear. It also has wide external and internal applications and pretty much everything looks better with it. It’s very durable, resistant to scratches, can be applied easily, and it has a lot of variations.


Best ways to feature onyx marble

Reception application

No matter if you use white, pink, or honey onyx marble, putting a backlight behind it will turn heads. This image shows an amazing application of light panels behind a honey onyx for a reception area. The best are LED light panels, which can be adjusted to change how your whole space looks depending on the event, time of day, or temperature.

Flooring application

This image shows white onyx marble combined with structural glass to backlit flooring. This kind of look is very popular and can be achieved with a raised floor and it can also have combined marbles for an even better effect.

Bathroom application

This bathroom shower is built with 8 slabs of green onyx marble that are consecutively matched. The book-matching was done during the processing of the slabs, ensuring that all the edges match perfectly with each other. The floor is also made out of slabs, which are cut into squares.

Kitchen application

Here we see a wonderful application of black onyx marble for a kitchen countertop. The white veins of black marble fit in perfectly with white kitchen appliances, as well as with the wooden table in the middle. It brings traditional, old designs together with modern, luxurious solutions.


Onyx marble care and maintenance

Before maintaining and cleaning your natural stone, you need to know which type you have so that you can do this properly. As mentioned earlier, onyx marble can be both siliceous and calcareous and this is the main difference you need to know when it comes to cleaning, so make sure you ask your supplier before buying.

Siliceous stone is naturally more durable and less stain-prone and it can be cleaned easily with milder cleansing products. On the other hand, the calcareous stone is sensitive to acidic products, so make sure to find extremely mild products without acid.

Cleaning stains and spills

As soon as you’ve spilled something, use paper towel to soak up all of the spill and avoid wiping the area. After you’ve removed most of it, use clean water to flush the area and a mild soap while rinsing multiple times. Repeat until its clean and dry using a soft cloth.

Cleaning kitchen countertops

Use a neutral cleaner and wipe any spills to avoid stains. Use natural chemicals that don’t have abrasives or harsh chemicals. Make sure to avoid acidic cleaners and lime removers.

Cleaning wet areas

After taking a bath, a lot of soap scum might remain on the surface, which can cause a problem over time. To avoid it, after each use, clean the area with a squeegee. Make sure to use a neutral soap remover or make your own ammonia/water solutions with 1 gallon of water and half a cup of ammonia.


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