Euro Marble – White Stone

In a few past years, white elements have become a must-have when it comes to interior design. Some of the commonly used materials are white marble, limestone, granite and onyx materials that are both durable and easy to maintain.


What Are White Marble and White Granite Suitable For?

Most marbles, granites, onyx and limestone materials are suitable both for interior and exterior design. Whether you’re planning to introduce some luxury in your home, or you want to redesign your courtyard, these white stone solutions are perfect.


Interior design

White stone materials are the best choice for benchtops and vanity basins, but there are also various wall and floor tiles available. Commonly found in both the kitchen and the bathroom, materials such as white onyx, marble, limestone, or granite are also suitable for luxurious open-space living rooms.

White stone floor tiles in your entryway or foyer provide a welcoming feeling, while onyx, marble, granite or limestone floor coverings at the base of your stairs, offer a decorative element to your interior.


The Durability and Maintenance

Despite looking so elegant and fragile, these materials are incredibly durable and wear resistant and are also easy to maintain. Proper maintenance of smooth surfaces of natural white stones will make them last forever. As these are natural materials, it is best to clean them with a vacuum cleaner and a dry or damp mop.


Landscaping / Garden

White stone can also adorn your backyard! It is suitable for walkways, courtyards, pool decks, and gardens, which makes non-slip white onyx, limestone, marble or granite a smart investment. These easy-to-clean solutions will make your courtyard appear beautiful all the time.