Kitchen Benchtops



Naturally-occurring stones have been used in architecture and building in general for centuries. Thanks to their luscious looks, durability and elegance, these stones are able to transform any space and enhance its overall look. Since some materials are resistant to acid and other aggressive spills, elements and physical damage, natural stones have found their use in kitchens as well.

Natural stone benchtops are stunning and provide a touch of luxury to any space. If you want to add individuality and timelessness to your kitchen, one of our natural stone benchtops will help you achieve it.

Natural stone benchtops are multi-practical in terms of styling your kitchen. For instance, you can incorporate them in an old-meets-new style or a contemporary one.


Different Types of Natural Stone Benchtops

Here at Euro Marble, we offer different types of natural stone benchtops. Each one of these benchtops is made of unique natural stone. Here are the different types of materials used for building benchtops:

  • Onyx – this one is regarded as the most luxurious material used for making benchtops. It comes in red and black, beige and many more colours. In the past, it was often used for making jewellery, but today, you can often see it decorating kitchens worldwide.
  • Marble – is another material commonly used for benchtops. Since there are no two pieces of marble that are identical, this material can add a unique element to your kitchen.
  • Granite – as one of the most scratch-resistant and durable materials, granite is very convenient for kitchen benchtops. It comes in a variety of colours, which makes incorporation with other kitchen elements even easier.
  • Quartzite – this is one of the hardest naturally occurring materials. There are many advantages of having beautiful quartzite benchtops, and not having to get it sealed often is one of them.

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