What makes natural stone tiles and pavers so popular? Well, the answer is simple. Natural stone tiles and pavers are beautiful, durable, timeless and offer high quality at the most affordable prices. On top of all that, these are the most popular solutions nowadays for both commercial and residential purposes.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that most homes and companies are choosing to go with natural stone flooring.  The design and colour options are so versatile and fit perfectly into anyone’s style and preferences.

Since these natural tiles and pavers are excellent for both indoors and outdoors, every home and company can choose to go with the most beautiful natural stone flooring.

Natural stone flooring means high quality, design versatility, beautiful colours, durability, style and sophistication. Choose from a comprehensive and exclusive selection of natural stone pavers and tiles, including indoor tiles, outdoor pavers and outdoor tiles, and find exactly what you need and according to your taste.

That’s why natural stone has a big advantage compared to other similar materials. Great quality, ease of installment and a high level of enjoyment next to most affordable prices make natural stone tiles and pavers a smart choice.


Natural Stone Varieties

The biggest advantage of natural stones is that they are perfect for both commercial and residential building projects and landscape designs.

Natural stone pavers and tiles have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of indoor and outdoor spaces and are available in a diverse range of sizes, finishes, styles, and colours.

They are also highly customisable, meeting any specific requirements.

Whether you need a durable and hard-wearing natural stone for high-traffic areas, or a more textured finish, or you’re looking for a more of a handcrafted style, there’s a natural stone variety for every style, taste and requirement.

At Euro Marble, we offer 6 different natural stone flooring solutions:

  1. Bluestone pavers – highly customisable and flexible volcanic stones, perfect for any paving project, extremely hard-wearing and dense, available in a huge variety of surface textures, formats and sizes, excellent for rebated, square edge, pool coping bullnose units and other paver customisation preferences.
  2. Crazy paving – incredibly durable and perfect for commercial and residential paving projects due to its design flexibility, natural colour variations, density and texture. Mostly used for pathways, pool surrounds, garden paving, courtyards, driveways, and other similar outdoor projects, as well as home design, landscape, and garden projects.
  3. Granite pavers – extremely practical and hard-wearing natural stones, available in many different textures, sizes and colours. Can be used as an ideal paving material for any commercial, residential, outdoor or indoor design project.
  4. Limestone tiles and pavers – the best solution to giving texture and inherent characteristics to any finish, this natural stone is simply perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects of any kind.
  5. Travertine – perfect for indoor and outdoor, an excellent solution for kitchen, bathroom or a new driveway paving tile.
  6. Marble Tiles – A durable solution that has been used in interiors for centuries. Marble tiles are an ideal and popular choice for any space within a home or office environment due to their whirling patterns and distinct nuances. Thanks to Mother Nature, marble tiles exist in almost every colour and have multiple finishes from polished to honed and brushed. Marble tiles offer a high aesthetic appeal and add value to any property


Natural Stone Tiles Care & Maintenance

Natural stone tiles and pavers are extremely durable and resistant to stains, but they do need proper maintenance and regular care. With that in mind, it’s easy to maintain natural stone by giving it a quick wipe with clean water and a dry cloth.

For an extra layer of maintenance, use coasters under all glasses and avoid placing hot items directly on the natural stone surface. More or less, this goes for every natural stone, but there is a slight difference if a natural stone gets stained by weather or humans.

Stains and dirt removal

Spills are easy to remove with a paper towel, just blot the spill, flush with mild soap and water, and rinse. There are a couple of types of stains, so knowing which type of stain you’re dealing with can help a lot.

Oil-based stains can be cleaned with detergents or bleach, organic stains are best cleaned with 12% hydrogen peroxide, while metal stains, such as rust, may be removed with a poultice.



Biological stains such as fungi, moss, lichens, mildew, mould and algae are best removed with bleach or hydrogen peroxide or diluted ammonia.



Some natural stones need to be sealed and with each natural stone comes an appropriate sealant. These sealants depend on the stone application and type and are applied periodically, depending on the wear and tear of the chosen natural stone and its porosity.


Why choose Euro Marble

Euro Marble has been providing Sydney with the best in natural stone bench tops for three decades. This gives us unparalleled expertise and experience, enabling us to provide the highest standards of workmanship, service, and advice to all our clients. Regardless of whether you’re after a quote for a residential or commercial project, you can be assured of our professionalism and outstanding products and services at all times.

If you’d like to know more about our products or services, please contact one of our friendly staff on (02) 8585 2999. Alternatively, why not make an appointment and visit our showroom, to experience firsthand our beautiful, unique marble and stone slabs.