Is Natural Stone Sustainable
and Eco-Friendly?

In the past few decades, the worlds outlook on sustainability and environmentally-friendly business practices has transformed completely. We now live in a world threatened by the consequences of the actions of the human race. This leads to a far greater interest in where building materials are coming from and how sustainable and eco-friendly they are. Here at Euro Marble, we are often asked about the sustainability of popular types of natural stone such as marble, granite and limestone. And the good news is, for many reasons, natural stone is one of the most eco-friendly building materials in the world! Below are 4 reasons why you should consider natural stone for your environmentally-friendly building project:

Lower Environmental Impact

Over the past few decades and even centuries, quarries which produce natural stone have seen a constant evolution of practices and technologies to prevent unnecessary environmental damage and modern mining techniques have been implemented to drastically reduce the effects their activity has on the surrounding landscape, environment and wildlife. Furthermore, natural stone like marble, granite and limestone creates only a fraction of the carbon dioxide per ton when compared to other building materials such as concrete, timber and different types of steel.


One of the ways building materials can have a detrimental impact on the environment is due to their manufacturing and production process. As natural stone stands the test of time and offers practically infinite longevity, once the stone is in place it will practically never need to be replaced. Natural stones such as marble, granite, limestone, sandstone and travertine will all age extremely gracefully and remaining stunning once properly cared for and maintained. While natural stone may be slightly more expensive upfront than its man-made counterparts, it will pay for itself over time as future costs will be extremely minimal.


While stone has the gift of longevity, for many reasons you may wish to overhaul the look of your residential or commercial property at some point. As stone is a natural material, it is far easier to recycle or reuse it when compared to materials like concrete. Natural stone can be reformed and restored for reuse as retaining walls, paving, mosaic floors or exterior facades for example.

Minimal Maintenance

Again, given its status as a fully natural material, natural stone requires very little maintenance to remain aesthetically beautiful and fully functional. It will need sealing on occasion and some cleaning however most natural stone cleaners are approved to meet sustainability standards, meaning the contain no harmful chemicals which will have an adverse effect on the environment.

The above are just a few reasons why natural stone could be the perfect building material your project. Here at Euro Marble we are market leaders in Italian Stone in Australia. To discuss your options and how to make natural stone work for you, drop into our Sydney showroom today or give us a call or email and we’ll be happy to give you an honest and expert opinion!

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