Kitchen islands are more than just an opportunity for you to add invaluable surface space for you to work on, in and around. They also offer near infinite opportunities to customise and accessorise in terms of kitchen island designs and aesthetics.

Of course, there are many different things you could do with your island and the shape, size, colour and material will depend largely on the way you function in the room, your lifestyle, your interior design choices and the amount of space you have.

To help you find the right bit of renovation inspiration for your home, here are 10 of the most inspiring kitchen island ideas.

Choose a Shape That Suits You.

The classic and most commonly found kitchen island is the traditional rectangular design. This is for good reason: If you’re tight on space, 90-degree corners will help keep enough space for you to move freely.

If you’re lucky enough to have space to choose something more unique that will certainly make a statement, opt for an unusually shaped kitchen island. There are plenty of options to choose from depending on your personal preferences and the shape of your kitchen. Opt for a partly-rectangular island with curves or go all in with a circular design… There’s plenty of scope for you to find the exact kitchen island for your home.

Make the Most With Multiple Zones.

This kitchen design idea is becoming more and more popular as the years go on. Simply by using multiple benchtop surfaces you can utilise your kitchen island in multiple ways by splitting it into different zones.

Let’s say you wanted to keep part of it natural stone for use in preparing food and cooking, you can maintain a dining room-table style wood bar or bench for breakfast, entertaining or anything in between along the other half.

Use an L-shaped Island For Seating.

An L-shaped kitchen island design is not just amazing for offering extra preparation space on top and storage space below, it also gives you the opportunity to incorporate a series of seats or stools for use as a breakfast bar or everyday family dining.

Of course, if you’re running a more adult function, it’s easy to serve drinks and canapes across a well styled L-shaped whilst maintaining both your hosting responsibilities and being a gracious, socialising host.

Include Practical Fixtures And Appliances.

While a lot of our kitchen island ideas are about design and aesthetic, this is one that’s all practical. Fixtures like sinks and electricity are always a useful thing to add to a kitchen and an island offers plenty of extra space for you to add those extra luxuries.

On another note, appliances are the bane of many a kitchen designer. With an island however, there’s always the opportunity to incorporate special spots that are discreet and out of the way but still practical and accessible. 

Customise Your Storage Types.

An excellent way to make the most of a kitchen island is to mix and match different types and styles of storage. Not only is this helpful for storing different sized tools, accessories, appliances and more, it’s also an excellent way to break up the visual look of the space.

Play around with cabinets, open shelving and drawers to create the perfect kitchen storage unit for you. 

Use The Sides To The Max.

There are two ways in which you can really use the sides of your kitchen island for maximum capacity and effect. The first is by leaving it open and easy to access. With some elegant shelving up and down the vertical side, you can add everything from delicate ornaments to extra coffee mugs and more.

Alternatively, you can go the opposite route and make the most of your countertop bench material. A ‘waterfall kitchen island’ is a jaw-dropping design that effectively highlights your choice of material.

Match Your Island To Your Home Style.

If it isn’t clear just yet, your kitchen island is more than just a space upon which you can pop plates and platters. It gives you a real opportunity to anchor your overall interior design style by matching your island to the rest of your home. 

Whether you’re a fan of the sleek, modern aesthetic or a more traditional or rustic visual, incorporating your home style to your kitchen island will bring the entire house together.

Add a Splash of Luxury.

Your kitchen island is a wonderful part of the room for adding a little bit of something extra without it being too much. When it comes to a luxurious and stunning material like marble, you can simply and affordably use it as the benchtop for your island without having to commit necessarily to using it throughout the rest of the house or even the room.  

Alternatively, indulge in a luxurious accessory like a mini wine fridge or cabinet within the island itself. You won’t have to worry about taking up extra space in your kitchen or compromise on the dream of having your very own spot for storing wine.

Add a Touch of Colour.

Another excellent kitchen island idea is to utilise the bench to infuse a bit of colour into the space. If you find that your kitchen is somewhat stale in colour or you want to simply add a bit of eye-popping colour without going overboard, your island is here to help. There’s plenty of scope for you to choose a colour or shade that suits you in a way that’s subtle, considered and still jaw-droppingly beautiful. 

Go Mobile For Maximum Flexibility.

Believe it or not but not all kitchen islands are permanent fixtures. A mobile or portable kitchen island can be rolled around your kitchen space as you need and see fit to make the entire space practical and functional.

Plus, you can easily incorporate storage beneath the benchtop and even include simple bits and bobs to make life that much easier such as hooks for tea towels and other utensils. Of course, you can match your mobile kitchen island to the rest of your kitchen and home decor so it complements the entire design seamlessly as you would with any other piece of ‘furniture’. 

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