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    Azul Bahia

    Azul Bahia is a genuinely exotic blue granite stone from Brazil. The azure and admiral blue background hold the occasional flecks of Dijon and sage that beautifully shows off the pearly white veining. This medium-fine grained granite is renowned and admired around the world for its incredible beauty.

    Dressing your bathroom in this striking blue granite will invite the incredible colours of the ocean to evoke a sense of serenity, and infuse your home with unsurpassed extravagance. Carry through this elegance to your living areas with bold granite flooring and a granite feature wall as a stately focal point.

    Your possibilities with natural stone are truly remarkable, and one of the easiest ways to bath your home in effortless elegance. Browse our many residential and commercial projects to view an incredible array of natural stone applications.


    Dimensions: Due to each stone carrying its own individualistic exclusiveness, size will vary upon availability.

    Material: Granite

    Thickness: 2cm

    Slabs Available: Yes

    Finish: Honed/Polished

    Request a sample of this product