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    Blue Roma Quartzite

    Materials / Quartzite 

    The Blue Roma is a blue quartzite that is mined in Brazil and features gold and brown textures spread throughout. Its uneven veins and blue and brown circles evoke a sense of luxury while also conveying a sense of nature.

    Its elegant, exotic look, and substantial solidity make it an excellent choice for use on walls, floors, mosaics, staircases, tiles, fireplaces, TV panels, kitchen counters, and bathroom vanity tops, among other applications.

    The book-matched backdrop design on Blue Roma is another feature that is widely appreciated, especially for high-end hotels, villas, vacation resorts, study areas, and living rooms, among other places. These slabs make for a great choice when it comes to interior décor.

    The recommended surface finishes for these slabs are polished, honed, and brushed, but other unique finishes are available. Due to the exclusiveness that each stone comes with, sizes tend to vary when made available.


    Dimensions: Due to each stone carrying its own individualistic exclusiveness, size will vary upon availability.

    Material: Quartzite

    Thickness: 2cm

    Slabs Available: Yes

    Finish: Honed/Polished/Brushed/Sand Blasted/Bush Hammered

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