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    Fusion Wow

    Materials / Quartzite 

    Impossible to be regarded as quartz countertops, which have chemical origins, Fusion Wow quartzite is entirely designed by Nature. The depth and richness of its color is unrivaled. Quartzite is the perfect investment for any bathroom and kitchen, since it’s stronger and more durable than most natural stones.

    Quartzite deserves the to have Wow in its name, as colorful waves flow across its unique surface. Earth tones abound, including browns, peaches, burnt orange, golds, as well as greys and blues with dark grey veinings. It’s virtually impossible to describe this stone, as it shows its splendor upon delivery. Fusion Wow being so special, it’s perfect for any special room.

    Quarrying and fabricating this material can be challenging because of its extremely high abrasion resistance, which has an impact on availability, manufacturing time, and cost.


    Dimensions: As each stone has its own unique personality, size varies depending on availability.

    Material: Quartzite

    Thickness: 2cm

    Slabs Available: Yes

    Finish: Brushed

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