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    Irish Green

    Materials / Marble 

    Irish Green is an exquisite and rare green marble found exclusively along Ireland’s Atlantic coast.  Its unique apple green colour is formed by beautiful bands of various shades of green, varying from a vivid emerald to a more subdued minty green.  This jewel of nature further holds distinctive sepia and grey veining, with the added sparkle of crystalline mica.

    With its calming meditative nature, Irish Green marble is ideal for transforming your home into a heavenly haven.  Add pure extravagance to your bathroom with a marble feature wall and matching marble vanity, or wrap your whole room with gorgeous marble walls, complemented by a bespoke green marble bathtub.

    Your possibilities are endless with an awe-inspiring natural stone like this glamorous yet graceful green marble.  View our residential and commercial projects to discover some fabulous applications of a myriad of natural stones.


    Dimensions: Due to each stone carrying its own individualistic exclusiveness, size will vary upon availability.

    Material: Marble

    Thickness: 2cm

    Slabs Available: Yes

    Finish: Honed/Polished/Brushed/Sand Blasted/Bush Hammered

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