We all know that natural stone materials are among the most beautiful in the world and are often preferred over man made materials due to their one of a kind nature and aesthetics. Natural stone help to add a unique personality to any space it finds itself in, however not everyone knows how to care for it.

Its not a difficult process however there are a few habits you can pick up to make sure you get long use out of your marble, granite or natural stone benchtop.

Below is Euro Marble’s top 9 tips in caring for your natural stone benchtop:

Use Coasters

  1. When entertaining and drinks are being served (especially those with acidic properties) make sure you stay protected to avoid spillages onto the benchtop or countertop

Wipe Up Spills

  1. Wipe up the spills in a timely manner. If spills (especially citric substances) are left on the benchtop for prolonged periods of time, there is more of a chance that they will “etch” into the benchtop leaving a matte white hazing. Some of the substances that can leave significant damage are: lemon juice, orange juice, coffee, tomato sauce, yogurt, after shave

Use PH Neutral Soap

  1. Maintain your marble benchtop with mild PH neutral soap or detergent that wont be harsh on the surface

Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners

  1. Avoid using harsh chemicals and cleaners on the surface that are highly acidic like bleach or vinegar as these will definitely etch away and damage the stone’s surface. Unless the label of the product specifies that the product is safe for natural stone surfaces, avoid using it!

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Pads

  1. Avoid harsh cleaning products like scouring pads as they contain what is known as silicon carbide that will often scratch even the strongest of stones

Seal Your Benchtops

  1. Make sure you regularly seal your kitchen benchtops with a suitable sealer as recommended by your stone supplier or fabricator. You will need to make sure the benchtop is clean or any dirt, grime or debris as sealing it will trap these within the stone

Use Placemats

  1. Always use placemats when serving food on your benchtop or are entertaining guests as this will put you at ease just incase you drop or spill any food.

Use Mats Under Pots

  1. Use pot holders or mats under any hot pots when cooking, this will maintain the structural integrity of your kitchen benchtop to avoid rapid changes of temperature

Have Euro Marble Clean & Re Seal

  1. The most important, have Euro Marble professionally clean and re seal your kitchen benchtop. Our detailing department now offers professional cleaning services using the best hand tools and pads on the market to achieve a near factory finish. We will re seal them with our commercial grade sealers imported from Italy leaving your benchtop looking fresh and durable. Contact us at sales@euromarble.com.au or on (02) 8585 2999 to schedule our detailer at a time and day suitable for you.

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