While there are many options when it comes to materials for flooring your home or business, few
have the impact of natural stone. It’s aesthetically luxurious and sophisticated, and cool to the touch during our hot Australian summers. However certain types of natural stone are better suited to certain rooms based on their composition and susceptibility to things like spills and heat among st other factors. At Euro Marble, we’re often asked about the pros and cons of different types of natural stone for flooring different rooms, so we’ve compiled the below list to help you choose the right stone for your dream floors:

Best Natural Stone for Kitchen Floors
For most Australians, the kitchen is one of the most high-traffic areas in your entire home. As a result, kitchen floors will be exposed to all sorts of spills and splatter, excessive heat close to ovens and high foot traffic to boot. Because of this, it’s important to choose a natural stone which will be functional as well as visually beautiful. Typically, granite and limestone are popular choices for kitchen floors as they are slightly more robust and less porous than stone like marble. Regardless of which natural stone you opt to use for your kitchen floors, it’s important to correctly seal and maintain them to keep them looking pristine for decades.

Best Natural Stone for Bathroom Floors
Natural stone can really take a bathroom to another level from a design and luxury standpoint.
However, bathroom floors will inevitably be exposed to surface water no matter how careful you
are. Granite is probably the best option for most main bathrooms as its not very porous and is less susceptible to absorbing moisture when compared to other types of natural stone. Any spills should be cleaned up quickly as they may contain acidic substances found in shampoos, body wash or even bleach or cleaning detergents used in bathrooms. Again, properly sealing and maintenance must be applied when choosing natural stone floors for a bathroom.

Best Natural Stone for Outdoor Flooring
When it comes to using natural stone as tiles or pavers for outdoor areas, travertine can be a great option. It’s a beautiful stone and is also very durable. When left unpolished, travertine has great anti-slip properties making it perfect for around the entrance of a house or by a swimming pool.

These are just some options for the best types of natural stone to use as flooring in different rooms around your home or business. Other areas such as living rooms or hallways can be ideal for marble as there is less potential of constant spills etc.

Get in touch with Euro Marble in Sydney today to discuss your individual project and we can offer friendly advice about the best natural stone for it!

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