A white kitchen is a timeless, functional and visually pleasing colour choice for just about any home. However, just because you’re opting for white and bright, doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of opportunities to mix and match, and customise your kitchen.

If you need some help with white kitchen ideas, we’ve assembled a list to help you out.

Go White. Go Bold.

White is a timeless colour that doesn’t go out of fashion, doesn’t offend and doesn’t stand out. It’s a bright and light choice for a room of the house you’ll frequent every day.

Nothing quite shouts minimalist, sleek and clean like top-to-toe white in a kitchen. From cabinetry to benchtop and everything in between, if you love white and love being bold, go all the way with all white.

Add a Trim of Chrome or Metal.

If you like the idea of an elegant white kitchen but want to add something a little extra to break up the single shade, chrome or metallic trims are a classy way to do it. Think cabinet handles, door knobs, fixtures, taps and accessories… Of course, if you want an opulent look, opt for gold or rose gold trimmings. Or if you want rustic, go more brass and darker metals.

A Bold Black Feature Wall.

There’s something striking about the contrast of a single black feature wall set amongst an utterly white kitchen. It adds depth and is certainly a striking visual without overly committing you to any one colour. For good measure, it’s important to note that you can make your feature wall any colour, not just black!

White and Wood.

White kitchens with a considered inclusion of wood are slick and yet both classic and modern. Light toned timbers keep the elegant softness inherent in a white paint job and ensures the room still feels bright and airy. Darker woods are also exquisite, especially when used as exposed ceiling beams across the top of your stunning white kitchen. 

Utilise Layers to Add Depth.

All white kitchens might appeal to some homeowners, but if you’re worried about the visual depth of your kitchen then the answer is layers. Combine your touches of white with other neutral colours, including off-whites like eggshell, cotton, haze or even beige. You won’t lose out on the brightness of the room but will be able to add some decorative depth to the walls, floors, ceiling and/or cabinetry. 

Play With Textures.

Another way to add depth to your white kitchen is to use different layers. If your kitchen is in danger of seeming a little cold or sterile, some matte or glass cabinetry or a textured wall or splashback will do wonders for the space. Remember: Your lighting, accessories, and fixtures all provide plenty of opportunity to add new textures (as well as colour).

Open Storage for Practical Decoration.

This white kitchen idea is both ornamental and practical. Open storage–kept neat, considered and stylish–is a great way to mix up the aesthetic in your kitchen. From magnetic knife racks to recipe book shelves, and even plain open shelving stocked with your everyday cooking items, there’s a lot of opportunity for you to play around and enjoy.

Lose the Handles On Your Cabinetry.

There’s a lot of potential when it comes to kitchens with white cabinets. If your primary objective is the minimalist, sleek and fresh look then we highly recommend losing the handles on your cabinetry. It keeps the vertical spaces completely clean and unadorned so that the impact of the overall white colour scheme can work its magic to its ultimate potential. 

Hero Your Use of Stone.

Natural stone is a fantastic way to add a touch of true luxury to a home, especially in the kitchen. Fortunately, stone works perfectly within a white kitchen. Whether you’re thinking of a marble countertop or granite splashback, a slab of stone or stone tiling amongst an otherwise white kitchen will hero this stunning material. 

A Feature Island or Benchtop With Colour.

There are lots of white kitchen ideas with an island included. Your kitchen island can be used to integrate some extra colour, textures or accessories into your space. Whether you love the idea of a waterfall island or even a mobile island, it’s not just a practical addition to the kitchen but also one that can be used to anchor the white design. 

Alternatively, you can still add a bit of bold colour to your white kitchen just through a dark kitchen benchtop. There are plenty of types of natural stone and other materials to choose from to suit your style preference and complement the rest of your home.

Add a Coloured Splashback.

All kitchens should have a splashback for highly practical reasons. There’s no reason, however, why you shouldn’t utilise your splashback for aesthetic purposes too. In terms of materials, patterns, colours and textures, a well chosen splashback can add a subtle yet effective layer to your white kitchen. 

Painted and/or Patterned Floors.

Your kitchen floor shouldn’t be forgotten either! It offers an excellent opportunity to break up the space in a unique way. From a dark painted colour to a tiled, checkerboard or patterned floor, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your white kitchen’s floor.

Let’s Brainstorm More Ideas!

Would you like to discuss more white kitchen ideas and especially discover how natural stone can be used in your kitchen, we’d love to help. We’re experts on more things than just stone and we’d love to tell you all about it. So get in contact with us today. 

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