Stone walkways are very popular choices for all sorts of outdoor areas, backyards, and gardens. It’s easy to understand why. Natural stone comes in a wide range of varieties, shades, colours and types, and being natural and stone is a durable and long term solution for your landscape. 

One of the very few hesitations some people have to installing stone walkways is the price of stone. Yes, stone is not the cheapest of the cheap materials for use in either internal or external construction. However, there are plenty of ways to affordably use stone. In this article we’ve listed some of the best and affordable stepping stone walkway ideas.

Natural Stone Walkway Ideas

  1. Limestone

Limestone is a fantastic choice for a stone walkway. This natural stone is highly durable, comes in a variety of colours, can be cut to all sizes and different shapes, and even offers a non-slip texture making it excellent for use outside.

Limestone is amongst the cheaper of stone materials as well. So if you’re looking for a type of natural stone that is excellent in terms of both style, functionality and cost effectiveness, limestone is an excellent idea.

  1. Mixed Stone

Mixed stone walkways look amazing and don’t have to break the bank! You might think that mixing mis-matched and differently sized stones seems like just a shortcut to save money, but it’s actually an excellent design choice.

The asymmetrical imperfection of a mixed stone path mimics the imperfection of nature and offers the added benefit of allowing you to benefit from the visual aesthetic of different types of stones all at once.

Plus, of course, it is actually an affordable investment for your backyard or garden.

  1. Stone Steps

This stone walkway idea is designed for yards with hills or slopes, especially if stairs are required.

Stone steps offer all the same benefits as stone walkways but at a much cheaper price. How? Because you need less stones!

Whether the steps themselves are made out of stone, or you’re simply using lines of smaller stones to demarcate the different levels/steps in the grass or yard, it’s easy to incorporate stone steps that look amazing without hitting the backpocket where it hurts.

  1. Stone Over Pebbles

If you prefer to create a path entirely of stones but are concerned about the cost of end-to-end stone, installing a stone walkway of stone over pebbles is an excellent option. Think of this idea as a river walkway of pebbles with interspersed larger and geometrically shaped stones along the way.

This is an affordable idea both because this walkway helps to save on large pavers but also because pebbles are a much cheaper solution to garden paths.

  1. Classic Rounded Stone

Another way to use less stone for your walkway without it looking like you’re trying to save money is by using perfectly rounded and smooth stones set with spaces of grass between each. This will create a charming lilypond effect that will look amazing and retain the overall appearance of a stone walkway without the hefty price tag.

  1. Square Slabs of Stone

This is a classic: straight edged, square slabs of stone. This stone walkway idea is simple, stunning and affordable.

There are a wide variety of natural stone materials to choose from, such as granite, travertine and semi-precious stone, so you can find the perfect shade, pattern and colour to suit your garden.

  1. Stone Edged Gravel Path

Another fantastic and affordable stone walkway idea is a stone-edged gravel path. The walkway itself is made from gravel, an extremely affordable and useful material for use in backyards and gardens, ringed on either side with impeccably placed stone edging.

There’s plenty of opportunity to personalise your walkways–from the choice of stone to the size and placement of the stones–all the while ensuring the focus aesthetically remains on the actual stones even though the majority of the walkway is actually gravel.

  1. Paver Path

Pavers are brick-like cuts of stones that are arrayed much like you would regular bricks. Using natural stones in this format is an excellent way to create a durable and highly practical outside stone walkway and can be made as narrow or wide as you choose. Unlike using or relying on large slabs of expensive natural stone, getting stone pavers can be a more cost-effective solution.

  1. Mulch And Stone

Similar to gravel and stone, using mulch and stone for your walkway leverages extensive use of a cheaper material but underscored by the wonderful looking and highly practical natural stone. Mulch is an excellent choice for pathways in outdoor areas where you want to retain the garden and organic feel.

Flat stones set throughout the mulch allow for an effective walkway without having to shell out too much for a ton of stones. Easy, affordable and amazing to look at, a mulch and stone walkway is an excellent option.

  1. Cobblestone Walkway 

There’s certainly a charming quality to cobblestone pathways.

Stone pavers, cut and rounded to mimic the visual quality of cobblestones, offers the absolute best of both worlds: the classic look of cobblestone with the luxuriousness of natural stone.

Similar to using regular stone pavers, you don’t need to invest too much money to achieve a really amazing effect. 

Stone Walkways And A Whole Lot More!

Stone walkways work amazingly and look amazing, and there are plenty of affordable ways to incorporate stone in your backyard.

The Euro Marble team lives and breathes all things natural stone. We source and supply the best stone available on the market, and even provide comprehensive design and installation services as well. 

Our team of consultants love nothing more than getting stuck into a project and speaking with our customers to find the perfect personal solution for their home.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not contact us today for an obligation and pressure-free chat about what sort of stone walkways you’re after?

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