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antique white granite kitchen top 400x400 1

8 Granite Countertop Alternatives

Granite and granite alternatives are highly popular materials for use around the home. Whether it’s in the bathroom, kitchen or fireplace, granite can be used to great effect in many
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Cleaning stone benchtop

How to Remove Stains from Marble

Marble is a magnificent natural stone for use in and around your home. Whether it’s in the form of a kitchen benchtop or a bathroom vanity, the luxurious look and
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Stone Feature Walls: what you need to know

Why You Should Consider a Stone Feature Wall A feature wall is a particular wall designed in terms of texture and colour to add aesthetically to a room or space.
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Modern Granite Counters For Bathroom

Modern Granite Counters For Bathrooms

A granite bathroom offers plenty of opportunity for you to bring elegance in design and practicality in function. While granite can be and is used in a variety of applications
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Granite Kitchen

9 Granite Kitchen Countertop Ideas

When it comes to renovating your kitchen or designing a new one, finding the right granite kitchen countertop is a must. After all, the kitchen countertop doesn’t just need to
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What Are Pros Cons of Travertine Flooring 2

Pros & Cons of Granite Flooring In Kitchen

There are few things as functional and fashionable as a granite floor kitchen. Granite is widely used in various construction applications around and inside the home. Made from a variety
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details of calacatta manhattan kitchen island

11 Beautiful Marble Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen countertop offers a wonderful opportunity to incorporate a beautiful slab of natural stone marble. This iconic-looking and beautiful material can be used throughout the home to great effect.
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Marble Bathroom 1080x675 1

10 Stunning Marble Bathrooms For Inspiration

Using stunning marble in your bathroom is an excellent way to showcase this luxurious natural stone in a tasteful way. Marble has been used in construction for centuries thanks to
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calacatta borghini ensuite floor and bath surround

Marble Flooring Guide: Pros and Cons

When it comes to building materials for use in your home marble is amongst the most premium of choices. Marble has been popular for centuries and has long been associated
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Quartz Granite or Marble for the Bathroom

Quartz, Granite or Marble for the Bathroom

Featuring natural stone in your home is an excellent way of bringing a sense of luxury to your house and bringing your house to life. The bathroom in particular offers
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