There are a few things you should be considering when trying to find the best bathroom wall option for your home.

In addition to finding a style–in terms of material, colour and design–that suits you and looks great, you also need a type of wall that’s going to offer durability and functionality. After all, your bathroom is going to see not only its fair share of activity but also a lot of moisture, water and steam so it’s important you choose the right bathroom wall option for you.

Vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper bathroom walls are very popular for a number of reasons.

Apart from being a very affordable option, it’s also easy to install either yourself or by a professional. Because this type of bathroom wall surface can be unpeeled, applied in sections or reapplied, you can easily try a sample first to see how it suits the aesthetics of the rest of your bathroom.

Considering the wide range of designs and style options that vinyl wallpaper comes in, that’s a pretty big plus!

When it comes to functionality, vinyl wallpaper delivers value for money. While not suited for heavy moisture or direct water exposure, it is still durable when it comes to general or ambient moisture. 

Ceramic or porcelain walls

Both ceramic and porcelain walls are another popular choice for both home builders and house renovators. While they are both very resistant to moisture and stains–a must-have in a bathroom for obvious reasons–there is a slight difference between the two. While ceramic is just as appealing for the high end of the market, it is still less expensive than porcelain due to being slightly thinner and thus slightly less water proof.

Nonetheless, both of these materials are incredibly long lasting and when incorporated with grouting offers a reliable and worry-free watertight seal. 

Interior painted bathroom walls

The market really has thought of everything and specifically designed paint for bathrooms is proof of that. With additives that actively counterbalance the effects of mold, moisture and mildew, a bathroom paint is very effective at keeping itself clean, looking new and hygienic.

While bathroom paint can cost somewhere around twice as much as regular paint used in other areas of the house, when you consider the heavy lifting the material needs to do it’s still a very inexpensive option for your bathroom wall.


Bathroom tiles are classic in every way, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity to mix, match and customise your style. From shape to size to pattern, there are so many options you’re sure to find the perfect tile for you. Tiles can come in a variety of materials including slate, ceramic and porcelain but natural stone, in particular marble and granite, is amongst the most premium in terms of longevity, durability and functionality. 

It’s important to note that tiles should be professionally installed by experts. This will ensure not only that it looks straight and perfect on your walls, but will also mean you can rest assured your bathroom wall will be completely waterproof.  

Natural stone

Natural stone is truly in a class of its own as a bathroom wall option. Infused with a natural elegance, this sophisticated building material really looks great and is as durable in a bathroom as you’ll need.

Stone can complement all types of interior styles: modern, classic, rustic… Whether you install stone in your bathroom in the form of a tiled wall or roughly cut stone, you can truly create an eye-popping effect without sacrificing practicality. Of course, natural stone is among the most expensive options in terms of material and labour cost, but when you consider its long term durability, it’s certainly a smart investment. 

Natural stone increases your home’s value, so always keep that in mind.

Single-sheet plastic

Single-sheet plastic is similar to vinyl wallpaper as an option for your bathroom wall in a number of ways. It’s very affordable and can be easily installed yourself. There’s still a lot of flexibility in finding a colour, style and design that suits you and the rest of your home. Two popular materials used in single-sheet plastic wallpapers include acrylic and laminate.


Acrylic sheets are the more commonly used type of single-sheet for bathroom walls. It can come in a single-sheet or multiple pieces depending on what suits your installation ability better.


Laminate is another material popular for use in the form of single-sheet plastic. Available in differing gloss intensities or traditional finishes, it’s not hard to match a laminate bathroom wallpaper to the rest of your house’s design–be it ultra-modern or super classic. 


Glass is certainly a highly waterproof option for use in your bathroom but isn’t always the most practical material option. Depending on the layout and design of your bathroom, using glass for your bathroom wall might compromise your privacy too much to be of use. However, if you are able to use this functional and increasingly trendy option, it will help open up the entirety of your bathroom and add a sense of invaluable spaciousness. 


Beadboard is used to cover the lower half of the wall to help protect the underlying surface from contact and exposure to the moisture that’s inevitable in your bathroom. There are plenty of different options of beadboard out there to suit looks and aesthetics of all kinds. Affordable and easy to install thanks to its separate panels, it makes for an excellent bathroom wall solution.


Tileboard is often made from medium density fibreboard and used in place of real tiles. Without a suitable coating, you may find the tileboard insufficient to repel and resist moisture, but with it it’s a convenient and easy-to-install solution for otherwise poorly functional bathroom drywalls. 

Let’s find the best bathroom wall option for you!

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