4 Luxury Bathroom Trends for 2018

For many people nowadays, the bathroom is no longer just a functional room. Many view their bathrooms as a personal sanctuary, somewhere to unwind, relax and escape the stresses of the outside world. So, if you are renovating your bathroom, it’s important to create not just a space for bathing, but somewhere you can enjoy spending time in to just get away from it all and have some valuable ‘me-time’. For this reason, it’s imperative that you give close consideration to creating a functional space but also a special place for relaxation. Below are some key trends for creating a beautiful and luxurious bathroom in 2018:

Luxury Standalone Bathtubs

Few things command attention in a luxury bathroom like a sleek standalone bathtub. The genius of modern designers has made this an option for all shapes and sizes of bathrooms even the more spatially-challenged. Options range from slim, compact tubs all the way to grandiose, luxury roll top baths.

High-Tech Toilets

Hear us out on this one! Our Asian neighbours Japan, have long since led the field when it comes to building toilets that do more than just flush, however 2018 looks like the year high-tech toilets will reach Australian shores in a big way. Features will include automatic lid openers and closers, seat warmers, an air-dryer, built-in deodorizers and even nature sounds playing while you use the throne!

Lighting 2.0

One trend which will be equal parts functional and aesthetic in 2018 is more emphasis placed on the location and types of lighting used in bathrooms around Australia. A luxurious and relaxing space will be created using dimmers, light bars, wall sconces and even small pendant lights. For large bathrooms consider a chandelier as a feature piece in the centre of the room or close to a hot-tub for an elegant and glamourous vibe. These additions will assist with functional tasks such as shaving and makeup application while creating a warm, striking space.

Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

For many years, the inclusion of natural stone tiles in bathrooms has been the benchmark of luxury and this isn’t going away for the foreseeable future. In 2018, larger natural stone tiles will grow in popularity with less grout required thus having the benefits of easier cleaning and maintenance along with their trademark striking aesthetic. Marble bathrooms will see a surge in popularity this year especially with grey, white and dark marble being at the forefront of style and sophistication in designer bathrooms across Australia.

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