Carrara Marble in Australian Architecture

Here at Euro Marble, we think its fair to say that marble can make any room in your home or business feel luxurious, elegant and sophisticated. Architects and interior designers love using marble in their projects as it adds a sprinkle of magic on the end result. While there are many different types of marble to choose from, the right grade of this natural stone depends on individual preference and taste along with considering the functional aspect of using different kinds of marble in certain areas. As marble is a natural stone which is rich in calcium, it will continue to change as time passes contributing to the beauty and character of the stone and interior which surrounds it. If you have further decided that you want a white marble for your project, one fantastic option is Carrara marble, which is often used in stunning residential and commercial projects throughout Australia. Below is more information about Carrara marble and some of the best uses for it to make your project just perfect:

What is Carrara Marble?

Carrara Marble is quarried in the Alpi Apuane mountain range in Carrara, Italy, right between Genoa and Florence. Carrara marble is a white marble with a clean, bright look accentuated by grey veining. The defining features of Carrara marble are thin, light and feathery veining against a white or light grey background instead of the dark, sharp and bold veining found in other types of marble and natural stone.

Best uses for Carrara Marble in Your Project

As marble in general is one of the softer, more porous stones in the natural stone family, it can etch or stain if not properly sealed and maintained. At Euro Marble, many of our clients use it for diverse purposes inside the home or business, including kitchen benchtops and backsplashes, the surrounds of fireplaces, shower walls, vanity areas in bathrooms or as stunning floor tiles. It is popular in high-end hotels especially in bathrooms, where a stunning Carrara marble bathtub can ooze luxury and elegance.

Carrara Marble at Parliament House

Carrara marble is so highly-regarded that it was used in one of the most prominent areas of one of Australia’s finest architectural structures, our very own Parliament House in Canberra. Carrara marble is used to clad the front façade walls of the Great Verandah, the public face of Parliament House. The Great Verandah is often used as backdrop for ceremonies held on the forecourt, with the Carrara marble façade on display.

Here at Euro Marble, we are industry-leaders in Australia in marble, granite and other types of natural stone. Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, high-end builder or an end-user please drop into our Sydney showroom or call or email us today to discuss which natural stone is right for your individual project!


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