Marble is a durable material with a long life span, and more importantly, it makes maintenance a walk in the park. White marble provides that clean and luxurious look. This is why many people decide to incorporate it into their home design. Companies quite often go with white marble for their building design, because it makes the interior look professional and trustworthy. Among the many benefits of installing white marble in a home, the breathtaking aesthetics and increased value of the property are the most prominent.

White Marble Facts

Although very beautiful, from a geologist’s point of view, white marble is nothing more than a calcium-rich stone. Architects have been using it for centuries to decorate the interiors of homes and office buildings. One of its most important characteristics is that it changes over time. Each piece that you add to your home will get its own character over time. Those imperfections are exactly what makes it desirable and even more luxurious.

The Best Uses of White Marble

The living room floor – one of the most common uses is as white marble floor tiles. You will quite often see these tiles in living rooms and also in bathrooms. It turns the living room into the brightest room in the house, giving it an elegant marble base.

Interior and exterior wall tiles – white marble tiles can be put on interior walls. Some architects used white marble to create beautiful ventilated facades. Besides the good looks, marble is a great energy-saving solution.

Staircases – white marble staircases provide security and beauty.

Bathroom – marble used in a bathroom opens up space and adds a dose of exclusivity to it.

Kitchen benchtops – a marble benchtop is a perfectly elegant addition to a kitchen, especially if it is white.

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