Black granite is quite often seen in home and office building designs. Thanks to its durability and luxurious look, it is one of the most sought after stones in architecture. While it is found in many colours, the black makes the granite ethereal and a suitable addition to both traditional and modern decor. It has a unique magic power to transform any space and deliver a sophisticated and elegant experience. If you want your home to deliver a powerful statement, black granite can help you achieve this.


What is Black Granite?

Black granite is a naturally occurring stone. It has been recognised as a decorative material by ancient cultures. For instance, Egyptians used black granite to tile and decorate the Great Pyramid at Giza. Time has proven it has properties that make it a valuable building material. Polished black granite is known for its ability to reflect the sun with magnificent effects. It is a difficult material to come by, which is reflected in its price. It occurs in a pitch black colour, but there are also other variations that incorporate grey, blue, leather brown and orange colours.


Where Can It Be Used?

Kitchen benchtops: being one of the most durable stones, able to withstand acid and bleach spills, black granite is often seen in kitchens as a benchtop stone. Being black makes it easy to incorporate with other wooden kitchen elements.

Black granite wall and floor tiles: different textures allow black granite tiles to be incorporated into different home designs. The visual effect of the contrast it creates makes the rooms more appealing and luxurious.

Bathroom walls and floor: the stunning visual effect of black granite against white elements is able to transform any bathroom into a luscious space.