What type of rock is granite?

Granite is an extremely hard, tough rock that has made it a popular stone for construction. It’s a natural and “igneous” rock that is between 20 and 60 percent quartz by volume, and also contains  feldspar and mica. It also has a coarse grain, giving rise to the name “granite.”

Granite can withstand a great deal of pressure and it resists heat and abrasion, making it ideal for commercial and residential construction. It can also be polished to a brilliant shine, making it both functional and attractive.

Due to its hard makeup, granite is ideal for kitchen bench tops, bathroom vanities, and even wall tiles, floor tiles and pavers. 

How does granite become red?

Granite comes in different colors depending on the minerals that make up its composition.There are differing amounts of minerals in granite depending on the original source of molten rock that cooled to create it.

Red granite features potassium feldspar that creates the reddish tone, or it may be colored by iron oxide in its grains, in the way that metal turns red when rusted.  



Red Granite Slabs: These are ideal for use in the kitchen, such as on an island or benchtop. Granite can withstand heat, scratches, and daily use and abuse in the kitchen. A slab is also ideal for flooring, as it’s easy to keep clean and in good condition. Finally, slabs are perfect in an outdoor setting like a patio. The richness of a red granite slab will complement other decor colors like tans, browns or even blacks. For instance, a choice such as our Multicolour Red has deep tones of cinnamon and fire orange, with onyx wash in the background. The variety of colours in this granite can be matched with a variety of decor and highlight colours.

Red Granite Tiles: Perfect for flooring and so much more. The traditional use of granite tiles has been for floors, as they are durable and easy to maintain. But picture red granite tiles used as a wallcovering, adding depth and beauty to a space such as a bathroom. Red granite creates a richness wherever the tiles are installed. Our Jacaranda Red has tones of amber and fire with grey and white nuances, the perfect touch for tiling in a bathroom, entryway or kitchen.

Red Granite Countertops: Natural stone benchtops are a natural choice for kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanities. Granite is scratch resistant, helping to resist bacteria. Granite is also heat resistant and durable. The rich tones of red granite make it an easy choice to add to a kitchen or bathroom. Our Paradiso Dark red granite has a unique blend of dark pink with grey, black and white highlights. It’s easy to match with a multitude of other decor choices in your home.