Marble is often chosen in home decor for its durable qualities, easy maintenance and long life. Black marble is popular as it exudes luxury and elegance. The added wisps of a complementary colour such as grey, white or gold only adds to the mystique and beauty.

About Black Marble

Marble results from the metamorphism of sedimentary rock such as limestone; different colours are mined in different locations.

Black marble is sophisticated and has added beauty when it has highlights of other shades within its finish. Gold shades of marble, which often feature highlights of black, also provide a luxurious touch.

Some may prefer to choose black for well-lit rooms or open spaces, but black can also be used as highlight touches in cladding, wall facades and more. Adding black and gold marble to your home will add touches of the palace life to your decor.

The Best Uses Of Black Marble

Bathroom walls – black in a bathroom is a bold touch, which can even be accomplished with the use of a feature wall. Tiles or slabs will add a touch of beauty to a master bath, guest bathroom or hot tub area.

Fireplace mantles – a black mantle, with or without highlights of other colours, can provide a dramatic touch to a fireplace and the surrounding living room area.

Floors and staircases – black is the ideal colour for flooring, adding an exotic touch to any room, and finishing a staircase with the look of a Roman palace.