Gold marble is the perfect material to enhance the look of your home. Used for countertops, flooring, vanity tops or to add detail to other areas, gold marble has the ability to transform your home and add a touch of luxury to it. Gold marble has been used by every civilisation throughout history and is known for its beauty and durability, which has established it as a commonly used building material.


A Few Facts About Gold Marble

Gold marble is a naturally occurring stone found all across the world. Spanish and Indian gold marble is the most beautiful. After it gets cut from the stone on the earth’s surface, it is usually made available as a tile, slab or block. It is known as a heavy duty stone able to sustain numerous purposes. What makes it unique is its glorious appearance. It features magnificent textures in dark and light gold colours.


Gold Marble Use Cases

Gold marble can transform your home if you use it in any of the following areas:

Wall Cladding

As one of the most impressive natural stones, gold marble is fitted for use as a stone for wall claddings. Its unique texture can turn any wall in your home into a true masterpiece.

Kitchen Countertops

Known for its durability, gold marble is a perfect addition to your kitchen. Not only will it be able to turn your kitchen into a luxurious space but it will do so for many years.

Table Tops

Every gold marble table top is unique. Its colours and patterns will turn any table into a unique one.


Gold marble is able to withstand a lot of pressure, which makes it suitable for flooring purposes.


Gold Marble Offers Many Benefits

Extreme Durability

Gold marble is famous for its durability. Once you get it installed in your home, you can rest assured that is going to stay untouched for many years to come.

Unique Home Decor

Every piece of gold marble is unique thanks to the different pattern and colour shades.

Long-term Investment

Adding gold marble to your home decor will increase its market value. With a little bit of maintenance, your gold marble will be able to stay as attractive as it was the first day you had it installed.


Gold Marble Colour Range

Gold marble is available in different colour ranges:

  • Brocattelo di Spagna
  • Crema Valencia
  • Giallo Sienna
  • Golden Spider


Why Choose Euro Marble

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