Statuario Venato Marble

To the untrained eye, it is often difficult to distinguish between the top three classic marble slabs, Statuario Venato, Calacatta, and Carrara. The main reason is that these veined marbles all come from the same Apuan mountain range in Carrara, Italy making the differences especially subtle. But if you require advice on these types of marble and which one suits your preferred design, we can walk you through the details and assist you with the help of our natural stone expertise here at Euro Marble.

Statuario Venato—otherwise known as statuary marble—is the most coveted of the three because of its distinctive veining. With a bright white field similar to Calacatta, Statuario’s veins are a mix of bold grey and gold interspersed with thinner ones. Statuario produces a striking dark-on-light contrast found in no other natural stone. With marble’s natural property of uniqueness in every slab, one cannot be as exclusive as in Statuario.

Why Choose Statuario Venato Marble

With all of Statuario’s exceptional characteristics, much still depends on your desired look and taste. Following are some considerations that could help you decide if it works for and with your designs:

  • Colour – Statuario’s thick grey veins in a bright white field offer an excellent play of contrast, thus making it perfect as a benchtop in a kitchen with plenty of natural light or as a bright vanity area in the bathroom.
  • Utilisation – These same properties work best for interior fixtures like backsplashes, benchtops, reception counters, and even floor tiles. Statuario seems to lose its allure in external projects
  • Statement – If you want your design to convey a subtle but strong sense of luxury, exclusivity, and prestige, no natural stone quite states it better than Statuario marble. Its availability is as rare as its demand is high. Therefore, one can only find it installed in five-star hotels or very exclusive private residences.

Statuario Venato Marble Care and Maintenance

Maintenance and cleaning is another important consideration that end users often enquire about. With marble and any other natural stone, it is quite natural for them to develop some patina, which some owners consider as added character. Actual care for the marble, however, starts with finishing your stone slabs with a high-quality sealer, which stops liquids from seeping in and leaving a stain. With regular household use, marble fixtures require re-sealing only once in two to five years.

A properly sealed marble surface is easy to clean using a clean damp cloth and some gentle soap or mild detergent. Avoid strong commercial cleaners altogether as these can damage the sealing or etch the marble itself.

It is possible for acids like vinegar or citrus to etch marble, but one can usually scrub them off with gentle kitchen cleaners.

Finally, marble boasts another unique property when it comes to maintenance—they can always be re-sanded and re-polished once damaged. Other materials need to be replaced.

Why Choose Euro Marble

Euro Marble is a market leader in Italian stone in Australia. Our highly skilled specialist team source and install the best natural stone for homes or commercial establishments. We also advise our clients on how to take care of their particular type of marble or other type of natural stone. For three decades, we have been providing unmatched expertise in Sydney and overseas with high-quality workmanship, service, and advise our clients deserve. We are proud of our work, and it shows in our growth built primarily on referrals and repeat business.

For any enquiry or request, you can speak to our friendly staff at (02) 8585 2999. We also happily welcome appointments for showroom visits so you can pick firsthand the natural stone that fits your design scheme and taste.