Stone Slabs

Function. Class. Timeless elegance. These qualities rarely converge, but fortunately for homeowners, architects, and designers, stone slabs naturally provide all three. Marble or granite slabs are prized for their beauty that can stand the test of time. They have been utilised for centuries and have given us enduring pieces of art and architecture. Rome is called the Eternal City partly because of these stones.

More fortunately still, Euro Marble carries a wide range of natural stone slabs perfect for breathtaking marble and granite fixtures, such as kitchen benchtops, splashbacks, and floor tiling. With either marble’s unique sophistication or granite’s tough durability, we can happily assist you in creating features for virtually every application in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or the entrance and all the different aspects of your outdoor entertaining area.


What You Can Use Marble Slabs For

Aside from its unique beauty, marble possesses properties such as good overall strength that make it perfect for various applications in architecture, design, and the home. Following are several of these applications you and your customers can benefit from:

  •        Floors

Marble floors exude sophistication. Used for centuries in palaces and other grand buildings, marble floors are equated with luxurious style and upscale elegance. For designers, marble’s multi colours and unique veining coupled with the ability to be cut into different shapes and sizes are a big draw as they can create installations that are works of art. One can also take advantage of marble’s translucence when white- or lighter-coloured stone is chosen, creating a stone floor that seemingly glows when the sun hits it just right.

  •        Staircases

Modern technology has brought the marble staircase within reach of the average Australian. No longer reserved for European palaces, spectacular marble staircases can be installed in hotels and business offices as well as homes. Designers and architects also like the fact that it provides bespoke installations as every stone slab can be cut and shaped individually, resulting in truly unique marble staircases.

  •        Walls and Cladding/Surrounds

Walls in every spot of the house can be accented with splashes of marble or made entirely of the natural stone itself. With marble walls, designers can achieve either a cool or warm living room, kitchen, hallway, and bathroom, giving homeowners and guests alike a fresh, comforting feeling.

  •        Benchtops

Marble and granite are popular choices for kitchen benchtop materials not only because of their elegance but also because of their inherent properties that fit perfectly with the intended use and look of the kitchen. Naturally strong, easy to maintain, and not to mention its one-of-a-kind beauty, these stone slabs make for great-looking and functional benchtops.

  •        Bathroom Sinks

Natural stone slabs add a touch of luxury and pleasure to the bathroom. As in marble and granite benchtops, there is a certain added pleasure for users utilising such beautiful functional fixtures. Just ensure that these are properly and regularly sealed so it can continue giving your bathroom a touch of elegance in the decades to come.

  •        Columns and Pillars

One of the most enduring uses of marble is home and building columns. While they can certainly bear loads, they are mostly used nowadays as themed decorations for entrances and front rooms. Nothing states style and privilege than a couple of marble pillars welcoming guests to your home or building.

  •        Fountains and Other Home Décor

Marble fountains are almost pieces of art brought to life. Installed in gardens or atriums, these pieces evoke the allure of classic sculptures that give homes stately ambiance. Other home décors in natural stone, like marble coffee tables and bedside lamps, add a splash of luxurious visual accents in a room.


Our Range of Marble Slabs for Sale

Euro Marble’s team of talented, creative artisans collectively bring 200 years’ experience to produce marble slabs in Sydney with exceptional quality. We can cut, grind, polish and install your stone slab in any configuration you require. Our range of marble and granite slabs are ideal for a huge variety of uses in both businesses and homes. You can use an entire slab to create a breathtaking benchtop or cut it into smaller pieces for beautiful tiling.

We also offer a range of services to rejuvenate your stonework. Following is our wide range of marble and granite slabs for sale:

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Why Choose Euro Marble

For 30 years Euro Marble has specialised in providing our clients with high quality and visually striking stone slabs. Whether it’s for your home or business, our range of marble and granite slabs will add a dash of elegance to any room, helping you create a stunning environment that is unique and stands the test of time. These slabs may be customised to meet your specific requirements. You can choose to use an entire slab for features such as bench tops or cut these into smaller pieces for tiling.

We take pride in helping our clients create impressive spaces with the natural beauty of stone. Trust our team of professional, experienced, and highly skilled specialists to create beautiful pieces for your building, office, or home in Australia or overseas. With us, you can expect nothing less than highest standards of workmanship and service at a cost a that is reasonable.

To request a quote or more information about our natural stone products, please send us an enquiry today.