What is travertine?

Travertine is a type of limestone that is formed and found predominantly around hot spring and mineral deposits. The material is often sold in both tile and slab format and comes in a vast array of earthy toned colours including: Tan, ivory, cream, grey & beige. Just like marble, granite and other natural stones, the material is not suitable for all applications and the stone has a specific cleaning and care regime that must be followed in order to maintain its luster over time. The stone is cut at the quarry in the form of slabs or tiles depending on the buyer’s preference.


What are travertine tiles?

Travertine tiles are dimensional pieces cut to nominated sizes from slabs that are then laid in a variety of different applications from commercial façade cladding to residential floors and walls. The material is often separated into two categories being filled and unfilled, the latter presenting clients with a more rustic look with the little voids exposed.


What is travertine used for?

There is a wide range of applications that travertine can be used in, including:

travertine tiling around swimming pool surrounds: Travertine tiles and pavers are often slip resistant and don’t get hot even when exposed to direct sunlight making the material cool and refreshing to touch all year round.

Kitchen and living Flooring: Travertine adds a unique, luxurious touch to any application it finds itself in including residential floor areas especially in warmer climates

Kitchen Splash Back: Travertine has become a popular choice for splash backs in the form of slab or mosaic tiles as they easily compliment the adjacent benchtop materials whether it be marble or granite. Since the Travertine stone is porous it is important for the stone fabricator to add a sealer onto the stone which will prevent stains from setting should foods and liquids come into contact with it.


Is travertine tile expensive (how much does travertine tile cost)?

Unlike most marble products, travertine is relatively economical and prices for slabs range from $350/m2 + GST to $500/m2 + GST for more of a premium offering. Each type of travertine is quarried in different areas meaning that products like Classic Travertine, Silver Travertine will bear a different price so its important to note exactly which type you are after for your project.


Where to buy travertine tile?

Travertine tiles can be purchased from any natural stone store in Sydney. It is important to speak with a sales consultant and take their advice on the products they have in stock as there are many different tile options available from mosaic tiles to French pattern tiles in a range of different materials like classic travertine, travertine ivory, travertine silver or noce travertine. These can all differ in quality, price and aesthetic so it is important to view them prior to making a final decision.


Are travertine tiles suitable for showers?

homeowners often have a choice of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles or travertine pavers for the use in the wet areas of their bathrooms. It is recommended that a filled travertine product is used in wet areas as it gives water the chance to stay on the surface and not fill the voids present in unfilled travertine stone. This can often result in staining and discoloration.


How durable is travertine floor tile?

Hard tiles like the Travertine are made to take a beating without presenting you with significant damage in the form of chips and cracks. Over time, especially with unfilled travertine, significant weathering can occur however this builds the patina of the stone and gives it character that reflects ancient architectural monuments.