Grey Natural Stone Is On Trend This Winter

For many years grey stone has been a popular choice for use in homes around the world and in Australia. This winter, grey stone is once again on trend.

With even just a cursory glance at the many shades and styles of grey stone it’s not hard to see why this material is so popular. The minimalist design of grey stone offers an effortless elegance and combination of both cool, lightness of colour and warm natural tone. 

Grey stone strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and simplicity which is why many designers and home builders prefer this uncomplicated design that also happens to be in fashion at the moment.

Shades of Grey

You may be surprised to read this, but there are a lot of variations of grey stone. There’s something to suit everyone, with everything from off-white grey shades to warmer, mysterious smokey greys. The versatility of grey stone means that it can suit just about every home and style.

Of course, there are factors that may affect which grey will suit you best. Think about your lighting (natural and otherwise) and what other colours you want to incorporate – more on this point later, but suffice it to say that a grey stone design is the perfect set dressing for adding a bit of colour down the track.

Here at Euro Marble, our showroom is packed with slabs of various grey stone shades and styles. To check out our offerings, visit our grey natural stone webpage.

Textures & Depth

Part of the intense appeal of grey stone and a hugely contributing factor to its enduring quality as an on trend choice is the variation in finishes and textures of natural stone. The raw and rough grey stone, especially when incorporated into a wall or splashback, exudes a rich depth that will enhance the entire room. For the smooth sailors amongst you, a matt finish is also available in grey stone and boasts equally aesthetically pleasing qualities.

Grey Stone Patterns

Yet another reason why grey stone is so on trend this winter is the flexibility it offers in tiling patterns. Many people have specific preferences when it comes to the pattern of their slabs, tiles or flooring, and the fashion trend will shift season to season.

Grey stone, however, works just as well in herringbone style as it does in a hexagonal, modular, or basket weave pattern. Due to the fact that the neutral tones of grey ensure even a ‘busy pattern’ doesn’t become overwhelming, this on trend natural stone gives you all the choice you could want.

Complement Colourful Features

While grey stone is on trend due to its inherent beauty in and of itself, much of its potential as a fashion style lies in the fact that it perfectly complements many other on trend styles. If you’re looking to add a little colour in the form of a bright splashback, window frame, shelving or doorway, using a gray scheme will keep the overall effect balanced and help highlight the feature spaces of your choosing.

Of course, there are neutral coloured stones that offer similar advantages, such as white and beige, but none of these are enjoying quite the renewed attention as a trend as grey this winter.

Grey Stone Colour Pairings

If you want to add a bit of colour but are nervous about overdoing it, grey stone won’t let you down. It pairs wonderfully with a number of organic and soft shades of stone, from tan to sand, and even off-white.

A number of more bright and bold colours also work well with grey stone, like pink, sea green or blue. In fact, we’ve put together some options of colours that go perfectly with on trend grey stone.

  1.  Grey and navy blue

Navy blue is a gorgeous colour but can be overbearing in its darkness. Highlighting it through the use of grey stone is a perfect way to hereo both colours.

  1.  Grey and green

It’s your choice whether to go for a muted sea green or a more vibrant green–either way when complemented with soothing grey it will make for a strong fashion statement.

  1.  Grey and yellow

This colourful combo is great if you’re looking to create a bright and upbeat vibe. While yellow is a bold choice, offsetting it with on trend grey stone will keep the overall effect soothing.

  1.  Grey and white

While off-whites can work as well, there’s something magnificent about the low-key pairing of pure white and grey. These seemingly unaggressive colours match surprisingly well and offer a truly refined and effortlessly fashionable look.

Go Grey – Get On Trend

Palladiana Grey, Beach Grey, Grigio San Marco, Hampshire Grey… and that barely scratches the surface on what’s on offer when it comes to grey stone. There is simply so much versatility that this on trend fashion choice is bound to stay relevant and popular for many years to come.

If you’d like to arrange a time to come in to our showroom and see the stunning slabs we have on display in person or simply want to chat about all things natural stone and grey stone, make sure to give our expert team a call on (02) 8585 2999.

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