Natural stone surfaces are a beautiful thing however it’s important to properly clean and maintain them to keep their beauty year after year. Marble, granite, travertine, onyx, and limestone have slightly different maintenance processes however the basic principles are generally the same. Below are ways to keep your natural stone surfaces in prime condition:

Natural Stone Countertops

  • Regular wiping with a soft cloth and warm water, along with periodic cleaning with a detergent safe for natural stone, is encouraged to keep your benchtops sparkling. It’s important to choose a detergent which is recommended for your stone as general-purpose household sprays can damage the stones sealant and dull the stone itself.
  • Coasters should always be used under mugs or glasses, especially any drinks containing alcohol or citrus such as orange juice. These contain acid which can dull the sparkle of your natural stone.
  • Never place anything hot such as pans or teapots on your stone benchtop.
  • Use mats under plates and silverware to avoid scratches.
  • Dab spills dry with a soft cloth as wiping will spread the spill onto more of the stone.

Natural Stone Floors

  • A quick sweep of natural stone floors every day (or as close to it as possible!) with a dry, clean dust mop is a great way of reducing dirt, grit and debris which can cause scratching and marking.
  • For a deeper clean, we recommend cleaning your natural stone floors once a week with a damp mop, warm water and detergent however again make sure the cleaning agent you use is recommended for the stone on your floor.
  • To minimise grit, use non-slip floor mats at doorways and entrances or rugs in high foot traffic areas. Shake mats and rugs out regularly to keep them clean and reduce how much grit they hold.
  • Use protectors on furniture such as legs of chairs and tables and never drag furniture across natural stone floors.

Natural Stone Bathrooms

Wipe down natural stone shower or baths after use with a squeegee or cloth to minimise build-up of soap scum
Periodic grout-cleaning and sealing of your shower tiles and floor is recommended to prevent mildew
Be careful with the use of hairsprays, perfumes and other cosmetics which can damage natural stone surfaces if spilt or sprayed on them
Use a non-acidic soap scum remover in wet areas

These are just some tips on ways to keep your natural stone surfaces immaculate. To discuss your natural stone requirements and what stone is right for your project, call Euro Marble or drop into our showroom today!

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