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The Top Stone Kitchen Benchtop Ideas

An artwork in itself, book-matched natural stone creates an enchanting vista that one could stare at all day. Two imposing slabs of stone opened up and placed next to one
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5 Stone Splashback Ideas For Your Kitchen

5 Stone Splashback Ideas For Your Kitchen

If you’re looking to design, renovate or update your kitchen there are a lot of elements to consider. One of the most subtle but influential design choices for you to
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The Best Benchtops To Add Magic To Your Home

Upgrading your kitchen is a sure-fire way of investing in the future value of your home. But although a complete kitchen renovation can be an incredibly exciting adventure, it can
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How to select the best Natural Stone provider

Once you’ve decided to invite the extravagance of natural stone into your home, your next quest will be to track down the experts that will bring your vision to life.
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How to preserve your spectacular marble shower

There’s no getting away from the fact that marble instantly adds luxury to any space in your home, especially bathrooms! And can you imagine anything more refreshing than starting your
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Breccia Marble Bathroom

Easily Transform Your Home With The Magic Of Marble

All 2020 trends indicate that natural stone is here to stay. The only question left to ask is: “How do I incorporate this timeless classic in my home?” Upgrading your
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4 Fabulous Ideas for Luxurious Guest Bathrooms

Do you love, or loathe having the whole family, or a bunch of friends over during the holidays? Perhaps you’re secretly worried that they’re silently judging your home or decor
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Marble Kitchen Island

Trendy 2020 kitchen ideas that will last a lifetime

If a new kitchen for 2020 is on your wishlist, don’t move a finger until you’re up to date on the latest kitchen trends! Sleek, sexy and streamlined superbly describes
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Colour Trends

Focus On These New 2020 Top Decor Trends

Is your home going to be a trend-setter in 2020? Although nobody can precisely predict what future trends will hold, a few resilient and reliable decor choices seem to make
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Home Stone Rennovation

How To Create A Breath-Taking Bathroom On A Budget

Dreaming about transforming your ordinary bathroom into a shimmering show-stopper? This guide is packed with bathroom renovation ideas. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a shoestring budget or if your budget overshadows the president’s, we’ll show you where to splurge and where to tighten your belt.
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