Designing a kitchen is an exciting process that gives you the opportunity to make the most of this high traffic room in your home. There’s a ton of activity that goes on in the kitchen, including cooking, eating, cleaning and entertaining, so there’s a lot you need to consider. From aesthetic to functionality, there are a ton of kitchen design ideas to help you make your kitchen practical, stylish and, most importantly, enjoyable. 

How To Start Designing Your Kitchen

Choosing a Layout

The first thing you need to consider is what type of layout you want. There are six basic types and each comes with pros and cons. Look at the size and shape of your kitchen to see what sort of layout best suits you.

Straight Modular Layout

This classic kitchen layout stays basic and functional above all else. There’s minimal clutter and minimal obstructions so you can access everything and anything you need at any time.

Island Modular Layout

This popular layout is perfect for large kitchen spaces. The island-shaped benchtop in the middle provides function, fashion and storage. 

Parallel Modular Layout

If your kitchen is at risk of seeming claustrophobic or tight, a parallel layout would function perfectly. It offers all the amenities and functionality you need whilst maximising space between the two walls. 

Gallery Modular Layout

Similar in style to the parallel kitchen, the galley kitchen includes a narrow walkway in between two rows of cabinetry. Particularly good for smaller kitchens it helps to keep everything tidy, in place and out of the way. 

L-shape Modular Layout

An L-shaped layout makes the most of your kitchen space by incorporating as much benchtop space and storage as possible. Versatile for any interior design style and ergonomic for cooking and entertaining, it’s no wonder it’s so popular. 

U-shaped Modular Layout

The U-shape is similar to the L-shape only it wraps around three walls instead of two. Think more freed up floor space and more practicality thanks to the extra room for appliances and storage. Of particular benefit is the fact that all sides are just an arm’s reach or so away. 

Open Modular Layout

The open kitchen is very popular as it adds a lot of space and volume to the home. If you want the main living, dining and cooking space to bleed into one another through smart, open integration, the open modular kitchen is the way to go. 

Draw Up Detailed Plans

A detailed floor plan of your kitchen is very important. Not only will it help you and your labourers to visualise and get the new kitchen right the first time, it will also help you to make the most of your space and plot the cabinetry and appliances. 

Material Choice

There are a lot of different materials available for us in a kitchen: natural stone, hardwood, stainless steel, engineered stone…

The list is endless. It can be hard to know which best suits your preferred design and the practicalities of your kitchen usage. Interior designers and kitchen renovators are always happy to chat through any ideas and preferences you have. 

Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is a great rule of thumb to bear in mind while designing a kitchen. The Triangle of the kitchen refers to the space between the three main points of access in the room: the fridge, the stove and the sink.

Even if you don’t design your kitchen according to the traditional Golden Triangle layout, keeping the practicality of the style top of mind will help you make considerate choices of where you place your sink, fridge and various appliances. 

Think About Walkways

Whether you’re putting in parallel cabinetry or a kitchen island, always make sure you consider the amount of space left for you to move around easily in the kitchen. While you don’t want wasted space, if you can’t easily get through your kitchen you’ll find using it day in and day out to be a pain. 

Use Your Island/Benchtop

Some people love the thought of a kitchen island, others simply want maximum benchtop space. Either way, think about what you want out of your island/benchtop other than surface space. Powerpoint outlets, breakfast bars, sinks or internal storage and cabinetry are all excellent options depending on your preferences and requirements. 

Think About Walls, Lighting and Flooring

Benchtops and cabinets are synonymous with kitchen designs but there’s a lot more that goes into this area of the house. What sort of walls and flooring are you looking for? What sort of lighting do you need considering the amount of natural light let in? Making smart choices about these finishes will really help bring your kitchen to life.

Banging Doors

This may seem like a small consideration but trust us, it makes a world of difference spatially. Consider how each cabinet or pantry door opens. Do any bang into each or cause dead space that could be otherwise used? Try avoiding having any cabinetry getting the way of other doors. 

Electrical Outlets

If you’re designing a kitchen, now’s the best time to think about your number and placement of electrical outlets. Toasters, microwaves, coffee machines… There are a ton of appliances that need connection to power. Taking the time to think smartly about your electrical power points will save time, money and headaches down the line. 

Consider Your Colour Scheme

Do you have a tight kitchen that you want to maximise the feeling of space and airiness? Then white, bright or light colours are the way to go. Are you looking to make a bold statement? Maybe dark cabinetry or a colourful feature wall will do the trick. There’s no limit to the creative potential, but it’s important to be consistent and ensure your kitchen works for your preferred aesthetic. 

Trust the Experts When Designing Your Kitchen

If you’re ready to place your order of beautiful marble, granite or other natural stone or you want to discuss how to design your kitchen with our home reno experts, the Euro Marble team is always available! So give us a call today on (02) 8585 2999.

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