The numerous limestone uses in interior design are many and varied. If you love the subtle earthy colours of this stunning natural stone there are plenty of ways in which you can incorporate limestone in your home.

What is limestone?

Limestone is a natural stone that is formed in water depositories. It’s made up of marine organism skeletal fragments and contains two main types of crystallized minerals:

  • Calcite; and
  • Argonite.

As a versatile material for construction, limestone is used for both landscaping, exterior construction and internal decor. 

Particularly popular for its high durability and unique aesthetic, limestone is a timeless natural stone that works as well as it looks.

So, what can you use limestone for in your home?

Interior Design Limestone Uses

Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is an excellent option for infusing a sense of style and flair in your home. Limestone comes in a range of shades, from fossil to mocca, and these rich colours are perfectly balanced with the sophisticated texture of the stone created by the compacted marine organism fossils. By adding a surface covering of limestone to a wall you can transform just about any space in your house, inside or out.


Another way limestone is used in buildings and residential homes is as flooring. Like marble, limestone is a metamorphic rock which makes for an understated yet luxuriously looking material for use in flooring without the pricetag of marble. An elegant shading of limestone, such as minerva, can work wonders when used in large foyers, home kitchens, bathrooms and other interior flooring designs.


Staircases offer a fantastic opportunity to incorporate a luxurious and opulent centrepiece to your building or house. Natural stone is not just a functional material for use in steps that are exposed to high traffic thanks to its hardiness, it’s also stunning visually. Limestone stairs can look professional in an office environment or warm and inviting in a modern, designer home. 

Unique Tiling

Limestone comes in large slabs for use in flooring or smaller pavers and tiles. Using limestone tiles in a unique floor design or intricately arrayed pattern can look amazing. Tiling patterns come in a range of looks, shapes and styles so you can find the perfect option to suit your preferences. 

Feature Walls

When trying to decide on what type of ‘feature wall’ you want, you’re probably picturing more bold and out there colour schemes like green, blue, pink or even gold. There’s no reason, however, why you can’t incorporate a feature wall of limestone. If you’re partial to a minimalist interior design style or want to keep your walls light and bright, a subtle yet elegant feature wall of limestone can go a long way and really bring your living room, lounge, bedroom or dining area to life.

Interior Columns

Another smart way to use limestone in interior design is in your columns or balustrades. Both of these features look beautiful in limestone and save you from having to commit to wall-to-wall or end-to-end flooring in the stone if you’re not ready or don’t have the budget for it. Interior columns and balustrades provide an excellent opportunity to express your love for this unique natural stone. 


Nothing sparkles in a bathroom quite like natural stone. Limestone can be used throughout your bathroom or kept to just vanity tops and basins. Like marble, with just a little careful maintenance and professional resealing, this otherwise porous material offers a durable solution to your bathroom while also having the added benefit of looking utterly stunning.


Fireplaces bring a sense of literal and figurative warmth to a home and limestone is a fantastic choice of stone for this application. Limestone looks fantastic in both a modern square-shaped and sleek design, or in a more traditional arched styled fireplace.

Kitchen Benchtops

Your kitchen benchtop is often the focal point of one of the most frequented rooms of the house. Using limestone in your kitchen benchtop will anchor your entire interior design with its iconic warm, earthy tones while still offering plenty of functionality as a hardy material. Whether your benchtop is designed as a freestanding island, waterfall, U-shape or as part of a galley kitchen configuration an impressive slab of limestone can be shaped and cut to your specification.


Splashbacks are an understated hero of a kitchen. While extraordinarily practical in use to protect your wall from being damaged by excessive and repeated exposure and liquid, splashbacks also offer interior designers another opportunity to inject personality, luxury and beauty into a home. Limestone makes for an excellent and elegant splashback material and is one of just many building and home uses.

Limestone on Aluminium

A series of lightweight veneer limestone panels on aluminium can provide a home, office or building with the beauty of natural stone but with greater flexibility. Used in interior design, limestone on aluminium is the perfect solution for cases where the weight of stone walls is of concern, such as an elevator. Placing limestone panels on top of the underlying aluminium joinery allows you to reap the benefits of both worlds!

Limestone on Glass

What screams luxury and sophistication louder than a delicately designed limestone and glass combination? Thinly milled limestone panels placed on a glass backing creates a jaw-dropping translucent visual that will make an impression every time you or a visitor lays eyes on it. If you’re a fan of the seamless, sleek and clean design of glass-stone panelling, make sure to consider where and what you can use limestone on glass for in your home.

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