4 Natural Stone Options for Pool
Decks in Australia

Here in Australia, our glorious climate allows us to spend a lot of time by the pool. The area around your pool is arguably as important as the pool itself when it comes to defining the personality, vibe and style of your outdoor area. While there are many materials which can be used to create aesthetic pool decks, natural stone has no real competition as the stand-out winner in terms of sophistication and luxury. Depending on how you will use your pool and your property’s overall architecture and features, below are 4 of the most common natural stone pool surrounds throughout Australia:


As it is one of the hardest members of the natural stone family, many architects and designers will opt for granite as a pool surround material which will stand the test of time. Granite is made primarily from quartz and is usually dark in colour, repels water well and holds a shine over time. A granite pool deck is perfect for both elegant properties or more relaxed settings.


Travertine is another popular natural stone for pools and their surrounds. It is a hard-wearing and water-repellent stone, and its surface makes slipping less likely. It comes in a wide range of rich colours and finishes, making this versatile stone a strong contender regardless of the aesthetic of the main property.


Considered one of the most popular building materials in history, limestone is another natural stone which you should strongly consider for your Aussie pool deck. Available in a wide range of warm, earth-toned colours, limestone can be easily cut into almost any shape while still preserving the integrity of the stone. It is favoured by some pool owners or designers due to its resilience to extreme variations in weather and the striking yet rustic look it brings to the pool area.


A natural stone pool deck is always a wonderful sight, but marble truly takes it to the next level. This natural stone embodies class and opulence and is a must-have for the pool deck of any no-expense spared home. While many people associate marble with its shine and polished finish, for a pool area a brushed or tumbled finish is recommend ensuring the surface provides a good grip for the wet feet which walk on it.

It’s important to remember that in order to retain the original features and beauty of any natural stone, it must be correctly maintained and sealed especially when used in a wet area like a pool deck which is exposed to the elements and pool chemicals along with a lot of foot traffic.

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