Using stunning marble in your bathroom is an excellent way to showcase this luxurious natural stone in a tasteful way. Marble has been used in construction for centuries thanks to its aesthetic and functional properties, and your bathroom offers plenty of potential for continuing the timeless trend.

Why use marble in your bathroom?


Nothing looks as magnificent as marble. With plenty of shades, patterns, colours and styles to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect marble slab for your preference and home design without sacrificing the gorgeous aesthetic of marble. 


Marble, like all natural stone, comes in 100% unique slabs that can then be cut to size for your vanity, wall tiles or shower. This means that any application of marble in your bathroom or home is unlike any other slab anywhere in the world.


Marble is a hardy stone that offers plenty of durability. As far as investments go, marble is up there not just in add-on value for your home but also in the long-term return on investment thanks to this long-lasting material.

Heat Conductivity

Of all places in your house the bathroom is one where you’ll want strong heat conductivity. Paired with strong underfloor heating, marble effectively conducts the heat so you’ll be able to control the temperature of your bathroom more easily. Think warm, comfortable stone during those winter nights and cool-to-the-touch stone for those balmy summer evenings. 

10 Stunning Marble Bathrooms For Inspiration

Have we convinced you to include some gorgeous marble in your bathroom build or renovation? Here are 10 excellent marble bathroom ideas to help provide you with inspiration.

  1. Blue Marble Bathrooms

While the classic marble look is iconic and stunning, there’s plenty of scope to diversify aesthetics. Blue marble stone, for example, can be used for your bathroom vanity, a feature wall, or in your shower to provide a really distinct and effective contrast to the various metallic features. 

  1. Pink Marble Bathroom

If blue isn’t quite your vibe but you’re looking to incorporate a different coloured marble, consider a pink marble bathroom. There’s plenty of personality in a stunning slab of pink natural stone and it’s easy to incorporate this sophisticated aesthetic in your shower, vanity or bathroom walls.

  1. Carrara Marble Showers

One way to really turn your bathroom into a stylistic statement is by going for a full-scale marble shower. With Carrara marble’s stunning milky white shading and cloudy veining it will turn your shower into a corner of opulence and luxury while bringing light and spaciousness to the entire room. For tips on maintaining stone showers, read our article here.

  1. Grey Marble Walls

Grey marble comes in a variety of shades so you can find the perfect level of light/darkness to suit your aesthetic and preference. Whichever slab you choose, a grey marble wall (or multiple) in your bathroom can elevate the entire space and make the whole bathroom look and feel fit for royalty.

  1. Wraparound Marble Half-wall

A marble half-wall is exactly what it sounds like: Marble stone cladding on the lower half of your wall. When you apply it in a wraparound fashion to your bathroom you’ll be allowing your marble to feature and shine without becoming too overwhelming. It’s a great way to incorporate beautiful marble without committing to floor-to-ceiling application. 

  1. Subway Tiles

Another excellent option for marble walls is to incorporate the stone in the classic subway tile pattern. This allows you to benefit from all the aesthetic of gorgeous marble and add a subtle yet distinct level of depth through the pattern. Elegant and minimalistic, yet arrestingly beautiful and easily complemented with the rest of your bathroom.

  1. White Marble Floor

If you love minimalist aesthetics and really want to brighten up your bathroom, consider a white marble floor. Polished marble (complete with non-slip coverings to ensure your safety) effectively reflects natural light and bounces it around the room giving your bathroom that extra sense of spaciousness. Plus, pairing simply white marble flooring with intricately designed vanities, feature walls or other furnishings can work wonders!

  1. Checkered Marble Floor

Checkered stone flooring is making a real comeback and with the wide range of marble colours available at Euro Marble, you can achieve the same look. If you’re after a bit of extra visual depth in your marble flooring, consider a checkerboard-style marble floor. You can pair white marble with grey, or go for the classic and bold white and black checker design. They all look amazing.

  1. Black Marble Vanity

There is unlimited potential when it comes to your bathroom’s basin and vanity. One stunning bathroom idea to inspire you is the bold black marble vanity. This jaw-droppingly beautiful feature will stand out amidst the rest of your bathroom’s style. It’s an excellent way of incorporating something a bit different and out-there without going overboard or cramping your style.

  1. Marble and Wood

Using wood and timber in a bathroom helps to infuse a sense of Earthiness and nature. Fortunately, few materials complement wood accents–be it wall paneling or anything else–better than marble. Light marble stone combined with the warmth of deep brown wood allows you to benefit from the best of both worlds. Subtle and elegant, there are plenty of ways to incorporate marble in your bathroom with wood.

Explore More Marble Bathrooms

The team at Euro Marble know a thing or two about bathrooms, marble and incorporating marble effectively into bathrooms. So whether an idea we’ve listed above has inspired you or you want to talk through some other options for your particular application, make sure to reach out to our team today. We love nothing more than bringing luxury, dreamy marble bathrooms to life!

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