A granite bathroom offers plenty of opportunity for you to bring elegance in design and practicality in function. While granite can be and is used in a variety of applications around the home and throughout the bathroom, there’s something special about a bathroom with granite countertops.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your modern bathroom’s granite counters, we’re here to help steer you in the right direction. 


Granite is a crystalline and granular hard stone. Naturally occurring and quarried from various sites around the world, granite contains a number of other minerals. This gives granite countertops a unique look while still being as durable and pressure-resistant as you need in the bathroom. 

Plus, when you keep your granite countertop clean, sealed and polished it will turn your bathroom into a true oasis.

Granite in Bathroom Countertops

The counters in your bathroom are going to be exposed to a range of different elements. From water and soap to cosmetics and hygiene consumables, you need something that is hardy and durable enough to withstand not just the general wear and tear but the various materials being used around and on it. Granite is more than up to the task. As one of the hardiest stones available, with proper care it can last for many, many years.

Moreover, granite is extraordinarily elegant and beautiful. If you simply love a modern, minimalist bathroom that still has character, incorporating a granite countertop is one way to have the best of both worlds.

Granite Bathroom Design Ideas

Matched with Mahogany

The use of deep coloured mahogany wood has become more and more popular in home bathrooms. There are few things that complement mahogany wood as beautifully as granite. A granite countertop surrounded by mahogany cabinetry is both luxurious to look at and practical for use in the bathroom. 

Mirror and Lighting

This design idea is a great way to accentuate a granite countertop. By flanking either side of your countertop or sink with side lighting centered by a large mirror will give you all the necessities of a vanity in the bathroom while also effectively highlighting the beauty of any granite countertop you choose. 

Self-standing/Raised Sink

The sink you choose for your bathroom countertop will make a significant impact on the overall design and feel of the space. A self-standing and/or raised sink on a granite bathroom countertop is both modern and stylish. This increasingly popular design choice offers plenty of opportunity to customise as well.

Double Sink Vanity – Gray or Dark

There are a wide variety of vanity unit designs but if you’re looking for a him/her set-up few styles beat the double sink countertop. Whether you opt for a refined and minimalist grey or a darker and bolder stone slab, granite perfectly balances simple sophistication with granular complexity to match without cluttering a double sink set up. 

Coloured Granite Bathroom Designs

Granite, like many natural stones, comes in a wide selection of different colours. Choosing a feature colour to act as a central visual point for the bathroom is an excellent way to break up the otherwise monochromatic feel of many modern day homes.

Turquoise Granite

Can you think of anything more stunning and calming than a bathroom countertop made from this beautiful turquoise green granite?

Black Granite

Bathrooms, modern ones especially, are often white or off-white. A bold, black granite countertop–with or without accompanying dark wooden cabinetry–can make for a truly spectacular addition to your bathroom.

Light Granite

If you would rather stick with a white or light colour scheme throughout your home, granite comes in a variety of lighter shades. There’s no need to sacrifice any of the hardiness and durability granite brings to the bathroom by going with another stone just to maintain the minimalist bright design of whiter stone.

Grey Granite

However, for those of you who are not quite sold on the bold, black granite but still want something with a bit of coloured depth to it, grey granite can do just the trick. With a subtle boldness, you can mix and match grey granite with just about any modern aesthetic thanks to the depth of the granular surface on this special stone. 

Countertop Edging

Granite bathroom countertops can be customised in terms of colour, style, accessories and surrounding amenities.

The edging of your granite countertop might seem like a small feature that won’t make a huge difference but it can really change the entire visual look. There are a few options available offering different benefits depending on your aesthetic preference.

Straight Edge

These slightly rounded edges are clean and simple and are perfect for busier or darker granite countertops.

Eased Edge

Eased edges are less rounded without having sharp or dangerous corners that you wouldn’t want in a room like the bathroom. 

Beveled Edge

Beveled edging is perfect for modern bathroom designs and can be further tailored in terms of edge angle, level of flatness and more.

Ogee Edges

A granite bathroom countertop with a rounded ogee edge looks simple yet stunning and is perfect for low key applications. 

Bullnose Edges

The bullnose edge is ideal if your countertop’s granite slab is thinner. It will help keep the overall look traditional but not outdated especially in a home featuring modern design styles.

Waterfall Edge

If you’re going for modern and contemporary first and foremost, few things stand out better than the waterfall edging. It’s elegant without being over the top and will effectively highlight your granite stone.

Granite Bathrooms Start at Euro Marble

It doesn’t matter whether you’re feeling inspired and clear-headed about how you want to incorporate a granite bathroom countertop or you need more granite bathroom design ideas, make sure to contact Euro Marble.

We’re a premier supplier of natural stone, including quality and beautiful granite, and we would love to help you achieve the modern bathroom of your dreams!

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