A backyard is almost never just a backyard. Whether you have a pool or a simple entertaining area, you’ll want to incorporate a timeless home design that won’t look good today but become outdated tomorrow. Introducing: natural stone.

Natural Stone

Natural stone refers to a number of different materials and minerals that are found naturally in the Earth and have been used for building and construction for thousands of years.

You’ve probably come across marble floors and granite kitchen benchtops, but have you considered surrounding your pool and entertaining area with this stunning material?

Timeless Style 

You can forget about the blue-tiled rectangular pools and poorly constructed entertaining verandas of houses gone-by. If you want to infuse sophisticated style into your backyard, natural stone is the way to go. Using natural stone around your pool is a surefire way of ensuring your home design won’t date in the future, even as the fashion changes.

Here are just some of the many reasons why natural stone is truly a timeless style choice.

The Versatility of Natural Stone

Choosing natural stone as a material for your outside area offers numerous opportunities to customise according to your preferred style. Each and every natural stone, while sharing certain characteristics like durability, hardiness and beauty, shines in a subtly different way.

Travertine, for example, comes in various rustic shades making it a solid choice for that country, simplistic look. On the other hand, if you want an area that shouts luxury and opulence from every slab, the classic aesthetic of marble simply can’t be beaten. If it’s that rugged elegant look you’re after, go for granite, and if a warm, natural glow is up your alley, opt for limestone. Natural stone simply offers an unmatched, timeless versatility in style to suit all preferences .

Blending Into Nature

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the best material to choose if you’re trying to emulate the richness of nature in your pool and entertaining area is a natural material: like natural stone! Using natural stone quarried directly from the ground itself will help create a true oasis for your home. In fact, more and more modern pools are incorporating majestic waterfalls, spillways, or fountains. What better or more classic surrounding material could there be than natural stone?

Complementing Your Landscaping 

If you want a timeless style for your pool and entertaining area, chances are you’re also taking your landscaping pretty seriously. Natural stone can be used to match a variety of retaining walls, raised garden beds, rock gardens and hardscaping. Keeping a consistent design will ensure your outdoor area’s style flows well.

Even if you want to include a stone feature wall by your pool or a stone firepit by your barbecue, incorporating natural stone will not only complement but enhance the area. Natural stone is simply the only choice if you want a flexible outdoor home design.

Natural Stone Will Last 

It’s not just the style of the natural stone surrounding your pool that will last, the stones themselves will too! Natural stone is known for its durability and hardiness. Pool surroundings and entertaining areas are prone to high volumes of foot traffic, not to mention pool chairs, outdoor tables and mobile barbeques. 

From scratches to large amounts of pressure, your natural stone will stand up to the wear and tear, not to mention its stain resistance too! If, in the event it does chip or crack, repairs can be done easily and with no fuss. Your natural stone outdoor area is designed to last in more ways than one!

Don’t Slip Yourself Up 

You’re looking for a material to surround your pool, aren’t you? Then the less slipper the better, right?

Natural stone offers a natural anti-slip quality to it that beats many other commonly used materials. Of course, granite, travertine and limestone are all known for the strong traction support they offer, but even the glossy and iconically smooth-looking marble is a surprisingly non-slip surface. (Though due to its porousness, marble and some other natural stones will require proper sealing to be truly waterproof.)

Additionally, natural stone won’t heat up too much under the hot summer sun, pack up under a freezing winter, or throw up too much glare on a bright sunny day. Properly maintained, there’s no season, no party and no lifestyle that natural stone can’t copy with!

A Timeless Beauty

At the end of the day, if you want a timeless home design the superficial visuals matter. Luckily, natural stone doesn’t just walk the walk it talks the talk too! Popular for its magnificent beauty and aesthetic appeal, the true design value in natural stone comes from the slight variation each and every slab, tile and piece offers. Instead of a boring and monotone uniformity, natural stone offers an inherent visual depth that will retain its appeal for many many years to come. Natural stone hasn’t gone out of style for thousands of years and it won’t for a few thousand more. 

Euro Marble – the natural (stone) choice

Modern, classical, or something in between, make sure to speak to the team at Euro Marble about finding the perfect and practical natural stone to surround your pool and bring your entertaining area to life.

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