Designing any aspect of your home, including an outdoor BBQ kitchen, is a balancing act between what you love now and what you or a potential buyer is going to love in the future. That’s why you can’t go wrong by going with a timeless design.

Outdoor kitchen areas are an extraordinarily versatile part of the house. Outdoor dining is basically synonymous with entertaining, socialising, family fun and BBQs. There are many different ideas out there for timeless outdoor BBQ kitchen designs, but we’ve curated the 14 top ideas to help inspire you. 

Colour Scheme Ideas

Which colour schemes offer a truly timeless quality to your outdoor BBQ kitchen?

Go For Grey

Grey is a surprisingly varied colour palette for use in interior or exterior home design, especially when using natural stones.

If you’re looking to incorporate a modern, minimalist feel to your outdoor BBQ and kitchen area without risking it dating in the future, a sleek and grey colour scheme offers the best of both worlds. Plus, grey blends in with just about any type of house styling, so it’s a smart choice no matter what sort of home you live in.

Bold In Black

Like grey, black is one of those design colours that is simply timeless.

It’s equally as sleek and modern as using grey but brings a boldness with it that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on guests and visitors.

Depending on your personal preferences, black can be used minimally in just the cabinet handles, BBQ area, wall panels or accompanying chairs and table, or it can be used liberally and infuse a characteristic mood into your outdoor kitchen.

White Walls

There’s a reason why white remains a popular colour scheme inside the home and out: it’s simple, understated and easy to complement with other design choices such as chrome outdoor kitchen benches or wooden pergolas and counters.

For a timeless feel, we recommend using white panels for your surrounding wall, outdoor table or even the kitchen cabinetry. This will add an increased sense of airiness and lightness to what is sure to be a hive of activity during the warm, summer months. 

Red Bricks

Red might stick out amongst the white, black and grey designs above but when used in the form of red bricks it can give your outdoor kitchen a truly timeless classic feel. Red bricks bring a connotation of family living and evokes warm comfort through its semi-rustic feel. All of which will only serve to make your outdoor kitchen and BBQ area that much more appealing.

Design Ideas

There are a million and one outdoor kitchen ideas and designs, but which ones hit that timeless brief we’re after?

Modern And Minimalist

Without going over the top with modern styling, a sleek and minimalist outdoor kitchen made from concrete or natural stone can’t go wrong. Sharp angles and edges coupled with a shiny BBQ grill, outdoor fridge glass, firepit centrepiece and metallic sink/tapware will give your outdoor kitchen a truly sophisticated aesthetic that won’t date.

Country Kitchen

Country Kitchen

Which part of the house seems more suited to evoking the feelings of country living than an outdoor BBQ kitchen? Think brick columns, wooden slats, string lights and earthy tones and colours, and you’ve got yourself a perfect country style outdoor area for living and entertaining. 

Southern-inspired Sophistication

Infusing your outdoor BBQ and kitchen area with a charming ambience is a great idea.

Whether you prefer to pair your kitchen area with stone or wooden floors or ceiling, a few classic wicker chairs, antique outdoor furniture and even an iron table will bring your kitchen to life with a sophistication inspired by southern aesthetics.

Rustic Look

Some people might not think there’s much of a difference between country, southern and rustic, but the devil is truly in the details. The rustic outdoor kitchen and BBQ look includes rough stone walls, bare wooden flooring, and a pergola of stripped wood. Add to that a wall of reed slats, rustic chairs and outdoor couches and you’ve got a welcoming yet rustic vibe that transcends time.

Second-life Pallets

If you love the aesthetic and general message of recycling and repurposing materials, pallets are a fantastic way to go. Breathing a second life into pallets for use in your outdoor kitchen’s roof and walls is a cost effective, practical and delightful way of bringing character to your entertaining area.

Marble And Oak

Call us biased, but you don’t get anything better than marble. This elegant and sophisticated natural stone perfectly matches with stainless steel outdoor kitchen appliances and a stained oak outdoor kitchen bench, ceiling or walls. Sophisticated, timeless and beautiful – what’s not to love?

Feature Kitchens

As far as outdoor kitchen designs go, what sort of options are truly timeless?

Hideaway Outdoor Kitchen

Perfect for the practical and minimalist amongst you, a hideaway outdoor BBQ and kitchen area makes for a wonderful space when in use without sacrificing the clear and spacious aesthetic of a backyard area when not in use. Plus, there’s the added benefit of keeping your BBQ and other appliances protected and out of harm’s way when they’re not needed. 

Covered Pergola

A freestanding covered pergola or patio area will never look dated. Open on all sides it’s the perfect way to capture the practicalities of an outdoor BBQ and kitchen without losing the essence of what cooking and dining outside means. There’s plenty of opportunity to incorporate other design styles too – one of the many benefits to a covered pergola kitchen.

House Extension

Timeless in its classical design and simplicity, an outdoor BBQ area and kitchen that seems to flow outwards from the house is a great option. There are plenty of practical benefits from the increase in proximity, but there’s also plenty of design opportunity by incorporating glass windows, walls and extra kitchen features.

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