Every day we speak to clients from who have minimal knowledge of the different types of natural stone and their pros and cons. Whether its an end user, architect, interior designer, project manager or builder, many need some level of education about the strengths and weaknesses of the different types of natural stone and where they are best suited. Below we’ve attempted to condense this information, focusing on 4 of the most popular types of stone, into a short article to make your life somewhat easier regardless of your situation and natural stone requirements:


Marble really needs no introduction, it’s beautiful veining and colours, sweeping lines and high-polish finish make it arguably the most sought after natural stone for luxury design projects. Marble requires a reasonable level of sealing and maintenance and must be carefully looked after to preserve its beauty. It’s available in a wide range of striking colours depending on your individual needs.


The hardness of granite is arguably the biggest asset of this natural stone. Due to this durability, it is perfect for natural stone floors where there is high traffic or for busy kitchen worktops where spills and placement of hot objects, such as pans, are likely. Granite shades mostly vary from light grey through to black but can be sourced in almost any colour.


Limestone is another elegant natural stone which is very popular for residential and commercial projects here at Euro Marble. It can be fantastic at taming bold colours which are part of your interior design however also fits perfectly with a more minimalist space. Limestone is a soft stone however so speak to us about a sealing and maintenance plan to preserve its beauty. Limestone has been used in some of the world’s most iconic projects including the Lincoln Memorial!


If you’re looking for something a little more unique, onyx may be the stone for you. It errs on the side of being a softer stone so will need to be adequately sealed and maintained. Like Marble, you can’t deny the sheer beauty of onyx, when light hits its exquisite veining it literally sparkles and lights up the room. Onyx is an excellent choice for decorative spaces which may not see too much traffic or wear and tear.

Natural Stone Finishes

Finally, while many people are familiar with the high-polish finish of all kinds of natural stone, depending on your project sometimes it can make the stone stand out even more to consider an alternative finish. Examples of different finishes we offer for our natural stone here at Euro Marble include polishing, honing, etching, bush-hammering and sand-blasting.

The above is just a very quick snap-shot of some of our popular stones. Here at Euro Marble, we will be happy to discuss exactly what your project is and what your vision of the finished product looks like. From this, we can recommend different types of stones and finishes to ensure you get the best match for the finished project. Drop into our Sydney showroom or call or email us today for a private consultation with a friendly natural stone expert!

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