Ivory Onyx


Materials / Onyx 

Ivory Onyx astounds with a barely visible melding of shades, separated by gently glowing veins of the softest oatmeal hues. The warm tones swirl around one another in a graceful dance, creating an inviting yet calming stone. Classic neutral tones quietly call out, captivating its viewers, drawing them near to experience the delicate subtleties that make this stone such a masterpiece.

Ivory Onyx exudes a unique, gentle warmth, making it a most sought after jewel of nature. Incorporate this refined natural stone into your home by adding an elegant backlit Onyx Stone feature, an effortless way of creating a masterful focal point in any interior. Luxurious Onyx bathroom countertops will add an elegant yet impressive touch, turning your bathroom into a timeless piece of art. Ivory Onyx may be utilised for a variety of finishes, ranging from facings, staircases and kitchen countertops to name but a few.

Transform your home with any of our natural stones. A small touch of Onyx, Marble or Granite will lend pure opulence and glamour to any room it inhabits.

Dimensions: Due to each stone carrying its own individualistic exclusiveness, size will vary upon availability.

Material: Onyx

Thickness: 2cm

Slabs Available: Yes

Finish: Honed/Polished


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