Why You Should Consider a Stone Feature Wall

A feature wall is a particular wall designed in terms of texture and colour to add aesthetically to a room or space. Feature walls can be used to great effect internally or externally, and are often designed to contrast against the other walls and/or design choices to add a sense of energy, depth and interest to an area. 

The potential for your feature wall really depends on your creativity and preference (and budget). A feature wall can be created through a simple coat of paint or by a completely reconstructed wall. 

A classic and enduringly popular option, however, is a stone feature wall.

Stone Feature Walls

Natural stone feature walls offer plenty of benefits.


If you love the look of a stone wall but are not ready or able to incorporate stone throughout your home, containing it to a feature wall is a great solution. Few things look as fantastic as a stone feature wall.


Stone is a very durable and hardy material to use throughout the home. Even though you might just be adding stone to a single wall, your feature wall will last for long into the future. It’s easy to keep clean and maintain as well.


Stone, especially natural stone quarried directly from the ground, is not the cheapest of construction materials. However, with a stone feature wall you can still benefit from the luxury and opulent aesthetic without having to invest in floor-to-ceiling stone walls.


Even within the realm of indoor stone feature walls, there is still plenty of scope to customise your feature wall. Of course the type of stone that you use will greatly impact its overall look, but so will the style and type of wall itself. 

Stacked Stone Feature Walls

The term ‘stacked stone’ normally refers to the arrangement of various sized stones to create a wall. While often the stones and slabs used in the feature wall can vary quite significantly in terms of size, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. You could opt for more consistent and standardised styling.

Nonetheless, a stacked stone feature wall allows you to customise your wall in many ways. For one, you can choose either one particular type of stone–including colour, shade, and pattern–or include different types of stones as well. Either option is guaranteed to result in a beautiful and eye-catching wall.

Moreover, a popular feature wall option is to include roughly hewn stones so that the wall itself has a jagged surface. Apart from an enhanced visual depth, this sort of stone feature wall is particularly suited to external walls or feature walls around a fireplace. 

Don’t worry, though, if you’d prefer a smoother look. One of the many benefits of a stacked stone wall is that the overall aesthetic of many stones allows for a perfect balance of simplicity and depth even if you opt for a single colour or shade. 

Stone Cladding Feature Walls

Stone cladding, sometimes referred to as veneer stones or veneer stone cladding, consists of layering an outer layer of stone over a pre-existing wall. Feature stone cladding offers a number of benefits to take into account.

With cladding you get to enjoy many of the benefits of a stone feature wall but at a cheaper price point. Due to the fact that you are not building the wall structurally from stone, you need less actual material. This makes a cladding feature wall a lot more affordable. 

However, you still get to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the stone itself. Not to mention that even stone cladding can add substantial value to your home. 

Designing Your Stone Feature Wall

If you’re ready to start putting together some ideas for your natural stone feature wall, you may need some assistance in narrowing down the many choices you have to make.


Start with the purpose of your feature wall. This can be as simple as wanting to infuse some colour/light into the room or it might be to create a truly eye-popping feature that will grab visitors’ attention. Knowing what you want to achieve will help you make the rest of the decisions more easily.


Where is your feature wall going to go? Are you incorporating it inside or outside? Do you want a stone feature wall in your living room or surrounding a fireplace? These decisions can be either very simple or more difficult, depending on your home’s design. Whether you opt for the stone cladding or stacked stone feature wall will make a difference as well.


Consider your budget for the stone feature wall. If you’re operating on a tight budget, you may need to consider stone cladding and choose one of the cheaper natural stones. There are even DIY guides out there for applying stone veneers to a wall yourself, but we would caution doing it independently unless you feel confident and experienced with your building skills.


Consider not just the style of the feature wall that you want but also the style of the rest of your home. While a feature wall is designed to contrast and stand out against the rest of the room, it shouldn’t look out of place. If your home is rustic, you can consider roughly hewn stone and incorporate a variety of colours and types. If your home is more modern or Scandinavian, you’ll need to pick a suitably minimalist design.


From the stunning opulence of marble to the gorgeous and intricately textured granite, there are many different types of natural stone available to choose from. While all stones are quite hardy and durable, you may want to consider the different levels of porousness, fire resistance or abrasion resistance in the different stones based on your particular application. 


Natural stone actually comes in a wide variety of colours and shades. While it can be overwhelming to choose from the many options, it’s nice to have the flexibility and range of choices to find the one that suits you, your home and your preferences the best. 

Find Out More About Stone Feature Walls Today

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Give us a call or come into our showroom and we’ll gladly talk/walk you through the many options available. That way you’ll be confident and excited no matter what sort of natural stone feature wall you choose. 

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