Fantastical Super White Quartzite

Whether you’re an interior designer by trade or hobby, there’s no doubt that the more you discover about super white quartzite the more you’re bound to fall in love with it. And you won’t fall out of love with it either! Quartzite, which is a natural stone found in the Earth, comes in a variety of colours. The most popular among designers, builders and homeowners, however, is of course the utterly dazzling super white.  It’s no wonder why many people call this stone Fantasy White Quartzite. 

In this article, we’re going to dive into what makes super white quartzite a designer’s dream but first let’s make sure we know exactly what we’re talking about.

What’s the difference between quartzite and quartz?

You may have seen both terms used and thought, understandably, that the two are interchangeable. While there is a connection between the two, each term refers to a different stone material.

Quartzite is a natural, metamorphic stone and one of the strongest and hardest to boot. Being natural, the only way to get quartzite is to dig it out of the ground in quarries. Quartzite can be found in a number of states in the United States of America, throughout the United Kingdom (including England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales), Canada, Europe and many other places, like Mozambique. Being completely natural, each quartzite quarry will provide unique looking and exclusive types of the beautiful stone.

Quartz, on the other hand, is neither natural nor found in the crust of the Earth. It is an artificial and man-produced stone material. While quartzite is used as a major component in the manufacturing of quartz, due to its strength, it is not the sole ingredient. A similar term for quartz is engineered stone, and that’s what it is: stone that is engineered by man. Super white quartz is therefore an entirely different material to super white quartzite. 

When Super White is Super Right

One of the most common areas of a home in which to incorporate super white quartzite is the kitchen. Thanks to the crisp whiteness of the stone, the luxurious aesthetic isn’t too overwhelming and offers a wonderful balance to the many other design features going on in a kitchen.

Having said that, the cloudy shades of grey and subtle veining ensure that a rich depth isn’t lost. Even a minimalist or all-white kitchen will enjoy a fashion elevation with just the simplest applications of super white quartzite, like in a splashback or benchtop. This fantastic rock lets home designers have their cake and eat it too… figuratively of course.

The Perfect Look

In most areas of life looks aren’t everything. When it comes to super white quartzite, they may also not be everything, but they’re pretty close! This marble look alike has a striking and beautiful appearance.

As mentioned above, the rich splashes of smokey grey and silver give a sculptural depth to the stone without compromising its lightness on the eye. As a designer, you probably can’t imagine anyone saying no to incorporating a stone that oozes sophistication and refinement, which is why few can say no to super white quartzite.

Super White Colour Matching 

If you are looking to incorporate a feature colour somewhere in your house–whether it’s pink, orange, green, blue or yellow–the numerous shades of super white quartzite offers enough variety to balance any colour. Like all natural stone, no two slabs of quartzite ever look exactly the same. Some include darker shades of veining, others provide more blurry cloudiness. The one consistency amongst all super white quartzite stones is that there’s a timeless elegance and effortless gracefulness that designers simply can’t get enough of!


Marble’s Rival – Quartzite vs Marble

We don’t have to sell marble to you. The reputation of this luxury stone precedes it. What if there was a stone that was cheaper but just as visually jaw-dropping? Well there is and it’s super white quartzite, aka the designers dream! By choosing to incorporate this unique rock, as a designer you’ll be free to use the excess budget for the rest of your interior design without having to compromise on style. In a nutshell, the difference between super white quartzite and marble, is not in looks but in functionality.

Super White Quartzite – More Than Meets The Eye

Quartzite is one of the hardest minerals in the world and is both harder and less porous than marble. This makes it incredibly durable, strong and highly stain resistant. On a practical level, if you’re looking for a natural stone that requires minimal maintenance but offers maximum longevity and return on investment, the buck stops at super white quartzite. This is especially valuable for areas of the house with high levels of exposure to liquid and moisture, like the kitchen and bathroom, or areas of heavy use, like flooring or stairs.

A Team Player

Super white quartzite might seem like a bit of a hotshot style of stone, but the truth is that it actually blends in beautifully with many other design styles. Want a bright, white home? What could be better than super white stone! Want a breath of fresh air to offset a darker theme? Use fantasy white quartzite. Plus, this amazing team player matches wonderfully with cabinetry, be it wood, white or black, and works very well with glass as well.


Super White Quartzite’s a Real Winner

See? We seriously weren’t kidding when we said that this white quartzite stone is a designer’s dream: fashion, function, financially… It’s a smart investment on all accounts.

Super white quartzite infuses an incredible, wow factor to homes of all styles and designs and provides both elegant simplicity and versatile application opportunities.

Ready to find out more? Check out our super white quartzite offerings and get in touch with the Euro Marble team today.

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